TheShy considers LoL break after disappointing Worlds finals against T1

TheShy in the LoL 2023 Worlds FinalsLiu YiCun/Riot Games

Weibo Gaming’s TheShy is considering a break from pro play after a disappointing LoL Worlds finals against T1.

As the Worlds 2023 Finals wraps up, it heralded Faker as the game’s undoubtedly greatest as he lifted his fourth Summoner’s Cup with T1’s dominant victory against Weibo Gaming. 

However, despite the scorelines suggesting otherwise, Weibo was filled to the brim with LPL veterans and several former Worlds winners, with a particular focus on their star top laner, TheShy. 

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However, after a disappointing performance in the finals, TheShy was asked what his future would look like after Worlds 2023, and he said he would consider taking a break.

Speaking in the post-match press conference after the match, he was asked if his long-time arm injury would affect whether he would be playing next year, to which he replied he would consider taking a break from pro play. 

Translated by Korizon Esports’ Ashley Kang, he said, “To be honest, my arm injury has been doing well. I’m good to play. I believe that the condition of my health is good enough to play. However, I do not think it will be bad to take a break either. So I will spend a bit of time considering my options.” 

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The arm injury he suffered in 2018 when he was on Invictus Gaming needed surgery to fix, even revealing in an interview at the time the injury was so serious doctors said he might not be able to use his right hand at all. 

The scar the injury left is quite considerable, as can be seen in a photograph of the player by Weibo, and is why he regularly plays with a sleeve on his right arm on stage. 

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Weibo’s performance left more to be desired from fans, as TheShy went 1/16 in the top lane, with his counterpart in T1, Zeus, taking home Worlds MVP after dominating the lane. 

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