The Secret Ingredient That Makes Team Liquid LoL’s Team to Beat

Bill Cooney
Team Liquid LoL

Team Liquid is headed into the Spring 2021 Split as the team to beat in North American League of Legends esports, after winning the LCS Lock In 2021 tournament to start the year. 

The 2021 LCS Lock In was a great way to get a preview of each of the League’s teams before heading into actual play, especially after a manic offseason of roster shuffles, and an overhaul to LCS.

While there might be plenty of fresh faces on teams this year, they’ll all still have to get past Liquid’s Jo CoreJJ’ Yong-in for a warm welcome to the North American scene.

Riot Games
CoreJJ (right) has been a constant force on the TL roster since joining in 2018.

Another standout performance during Lock In came from Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen, who’s boldly claimed that with Søren Bjergsen’ Bjerg out of the NA picture, he’s now the best Midlaner in the region.

Some of Liquid’s biggest competition though might come from Cloud9, who gave them a good run in the final BO5 to end out the Lock In. While Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen and Philippe ‘Vulcan’ Laflamme did perform well in bot lane, it wasn’t enough to swing the match in their favor.

Looking at how the team as it stands right now has performed so far, TL might just have all the needed ingredients to make something special happen during the 2021 Season.

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