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TFBlade “hostage” in ranked League of Legends match amid global record attempt

Published: 2/Sep/2019 22:09 Updated: 2/Sep/2019 22:56

by Alan Bernal


Popular League of Legends streamer Ashkan ‘TFBlade’ Homayouni was the unfortunate recipient of massive trolls during his climb to Rank 1 in Turkey’s region servers.

Team Liquid signed the prolific League of Legends player as a content creator when his commanding hold on North America’s Rank 1 was simply not enough for TFBlade, leading him to embark on a journey of obtaining the top spot in every Riot Games server around the world.

But it seems like there have been some strange pitfalls for the streamer on his way to the top spot around the world, especially when the players in his lobby recognize TFBlade’s account and purposely sabotage games.


Team Liquid YouTubeLiquid signed TFBlade to help on his journey of being Rank 1 in all League of Legends regions.

During his September 2 stream, TFBlade looked completely lost when everyone in his game, including his own teammates, seemed to be immediately throwing the match way before minions even spawned on the map.

“It’s so awful to have degenerates every game trolling,” TFBlade said after his team picked a troll comp during Champion select. “Maybe we just leave this region alone. Leave all these fucking dumbasses alone… In my opinion, this region is not worth my struggle or time.”

Mere moments after, he took a look at the player-gathering happening in the mid lane, where he saw important Summoner Spells being expended on both sides – and a fight hadn’t even broken out yet.


That was just the start of what would be a Challenger-tier match in League of Legends that would exceed an entire hour before eventually ending in TFBlade losing.

Dodging the game or leaving mid-way through would likely accrue a penalty on TFBlade’s account, so abandoning the unfortunate match was simply not an option for someone playing there with the sole intention of getting Rank 1.

Throughout the ordeal, TFBlade had harsh sentiments for the players in the Turkey servers, but various members from the League of Legends subreddit responded with words of support for the streamer.

“TF Blade is currently being held hostage in an hour long game on his way to rank 1,” user yale69 said. “… Enemy team and his team basically trolled all game refusing to end and just ran around. 4 games in a row it looked like he got hard inted on stream so I really hope something is done about this.”


TFBlade ended his stream shortly after the hour-plus game, but not after giving Riot Games a cheeky notification to get their attention on the problem.