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Teamfight Tactics dev shares new info on “high priority” Spectator Mode

Published: 26/Aug/2019 22:29 Updated: 26/Aug/2019 22:39

by Alan Bernal


The developers behind Teamfight Tactics will be incorporating a Spectator Mode to the popular autobattler in preparation of future competitions.

Riot Games took fans by storm when they officially launched TFT to their League of Legends client on June 26, giving their millions of players a brand new way to interact with the franchise’s champions on a game board.

As players have been refining their strats and techniques in TFT, there’s been a lack of events centered around the new game but the upcoming Spectator Mode will look to remedy that once the feature fully launches, according to the devs.


Riot GamesRiot is working on way to spectate Teamfight Tactics matches.

In an August 25 stream, Riot Games’ Nathan ‘Blaustoise’ Blau had a Q&A stream with Lead Designer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer about the development of TeamFight Tactics, when one fan asked about the possibility of a spectating option.

“Absolutely,” Mortdog said regarding if there were plans to bring spectate to TFT. “Absolutely, we are working on that. It takes time, but absolutely. Especially because spectator will enable things like tournaments”

It sounds like the Spectator Mode is going to be made to facilitate the competitive scene, though it’s unknown whether or not the feature will be made available for all players, but its certainly coming.


Riot Games have already given its fan base in-depth options to following the action when League of Legends pros take the stage, like Pro View.

While the first spectator mode might not be that intricate for TFT when it initially launches, the dev said that the feature is a “very high priority” to get out.

The mode would be a pivotal feature to release especially if Riot Games plans on building up TFT’s competitive scene as major orgs like G2 are already signing TFT talent such as Rumay ‘Hafu’ Wang.

It seems like the TFT hype has settled since it launched, but a Spectator Mode would be just the tool needed to create events and tourneys to get people excited for the game once again.


The devs didn’t go into a release window for TeamFight Tactic’s Spectator Mode but the they are sure to be hard at work to get it out soon.