T1 dominates LCK Awards with entire roster in 1st Team

Jeremy Gan
T1 in Worlds 2022

T1 has dominated the Regular Season, and now the All-LCK Teams, with its entire roster on the 1st All-Star squad, becoming the first LCK team to have all its players recognized at once. 

LCK’s regular season has wrapped up, and T1 has once again dominated the competition. Going 17-1, they only lost eight of the 43 maps they played, and they have once again swept the All-LCK Teams. 

The LCK just announced its Awards for the 2023 Spring season, the occasion where they celebrate the top three players in each role for the season. Grouping the top players into superteams, with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team showing where the players rank.

And T1’s entire roster has made it to the 1st Team, becoming the very first LCK roster to do so. In addition, Keria, the Support player for the team, once again took home the MVP trophy.

T1 was close to being the first roster to be in the 1st Team, as in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, four of the five players were in the 1st, just with Oner missing out, landing in the 2nd team. Even Gen.G too was close in the preceding Summer Split, with four of five players in the 1st team.

Although, they are not the first roster to entirely be in the 1st Team on a global scale, as G2 became the first team to do so during their legendary 2019 year in the LEC Summer Split. 

The 2nd and 3rd All-LCK teams were composed of players from Gen.G, Dplus, and KT Rolster. Here is the full All-LCK teams list, and MVPs.

1st All-LCK Team

  • Zeus (T1)
  • Oner (T1)
  • Faker (T1)
  • Gumayusi (T1)
  • Keria (T1)

2nd All-LCK Team

  • Kiin (KT Rolster)
  • Peanut (Gen.G)
  • Chovy (Chovy)
  • Deft (Dplus)
  • Kellin (Dplus)

3rd All-LCK Team

  • Doran (Gen.G)
  • Canyon (Dplus)
  • BDD (KT Rolster)
  • Peys (Gen.G)
  • Lehends (KT Rolster)

Regular Season MVP

  • Keria (T1)

Player of the Split

  • Keria (T1)

With the LCK Regular Season and Awards wrapped up, the playoffs are kicking off, with KT Rolster and SANDBOX Gaming starting off the opening match.