T1 and League prodigy Faker sign with CAA agency

Declan Mclaughlin
T1's League of Legends team decked out in Nike apparel against a white background

T1 and their League of Legends prodigy Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok will be represented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for sponsorship and endorsements opportunities, it has been announced.

T1 and Faker are now represented by CAA, a giant North American agency based out of Los Angeles and founded in 1975. CAA has a multitude of clients across film, television, sports and gaming.

The agency’s most prominent clients include American actors Tom Hanks and Zendaya along with NBA stars Chris Paul and Zion Williamson.

This will not be CAA’s first foray into esports. The company has helped Riot Games secure global and regional brand partnerships for League of Legends and Valorant, according to a press release.

T1's League of Legends team decked out in Nike apparel against a white background
T1 and Faker are the top seed from Korea at MSI 2022

CAA’s sports division has expanded its footprint in Europe and Asia through acquisitions and the establishment of offices in key locations. Recently, CAA Sports opened an office in Singapore to amplify its offerings in the Asia-Pacific region.

“T1 Entertainment & Sports’ rich portfolio of assets and winning tradition, backed by its young, diverse, and engaged fanbase who passionately follow every move made by the teams and players on its roster, is nothing short of extraordinary,” said Adrian Staiti, President of CAA Sports APAC.

“With Faker remaining dominant in his position leading T1’s flagship League of Legends team, T1 is poised to set new records and change the game, making it an optimal marketing platform for brands. We are thrilled to represent T1 and Faker, and look forward to accessing our resources in sports, entertainment, and culture to grow their respective commercial programs and further develop T1 globally.”

Faker became a part owner of T1 in 2020 after re-signing with the org, which has been his home since he started his career in 2013. The captain of  T1’s League of Legends team will take a leadership position in the organization once his playing days are over and turned down “blank check” offers from teams abroad, according to ESPN.

“I am excited that T1 will be represented by CAA Sports in various sponsorship endorsements and activities. I hope that the fans are excited about this endeavor, too,” Faker said in a press release.

T1 and Faker are currently fighting for the title of best team in the world at the Mid-Season Invitational as Korea’s No. 1 seed. T1 has yet to lose a series this year and have a shot to become one of the most dominant teams in the history of the esport.

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