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Sjokz calls out League of Legends fans for "unfair" Ovilee comparisons

Published: 11/Apr/2019 15:52

by Matt Porter


Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoortere has criticized League of Legends fans who made unfair comparisons between herself and fellow LoL broadcaster Ovilee May.

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Both Olivee and Sjokz are well-known among fans of League of Legends esports, as both are part of the broadcast teams for some of the biggest LoL competitions in the world.

Sjokz is regularly featured as part of the CS:GO broadcasts, while Ovilee performs interviewing duties on LCS presentations in North America.

Riot GamesSjokz regularly appears on League of Legends broadcasts.
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Sjokz annoyed by Ovilee comparisons

In an interview with Daily Esports, Sjokz was asked about comparisons made between herself and Ovilee, with many calling Ovilee ‘Sjokz #2’ when she first appeared as part of LCS programming, something which the Belgian didn’t like.


“It’s a bit unfair,” stated Sjokz. “I always get compared to Ovilee, or rather Ovilee always gets compared to me, which I actually think is a bit unfair.

“I hated when Ovilee started out and people were like “Oh, it’s NA Sjokz!” She doesn’t care, but I was like, no, it’s Ovilee! She doesn’t have to be a copy of me. She’s completely different and awesome in her own way. Now people get that; it didn’t take long because she is awesome.”

Riot GamesSjokz says LCS broadcaster Ovilee is “awesome.”
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No issues between Sjokz and Ovilee

Sjokz also revealed that she felt that fans were perhaps attempting to create a rivalry between the pair, with Sjokz saying: “I think people try and make women more catty against each other than we are most of the time. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t threatened, because you’re always threatened if someone comes in and does a similar job to you.”


The pair share a good relationship though, with Sjokz saying that the pair help each other out when they can, while in a Reddit comment, Ovilee wrote that Sjokz is “the best role model any girl could ask for. She has always been eager to help me with the dumbest questions and shares advice that no one else can provide.”

The Spring Splits for both North America and Europe are scheduled to finish on April 13 and 14 respectively, with both Ovilee and Sjokz expected to return to broadcasting duties at the Mid-Season Invitational in May.