ShowMaker: Living in the Shadow of Faker and Canyon | Esports Stories

. 2 months ago


In this documentary we cover ShowMaker’s strengths and aspirations, the origins of his rivalry with Faker, as well as his struggles in League Of Legends esports.

ShowMaker is widely considered the biggest competitor for the crown of LoL esports legend Faker. From his roots in LCK and Damwon Gaming, to the constant struggles to stay motivated, living in the shadow of Faker and Canyon, ShowMaker is constantly chasing League of Legends greatness.

With Faker and T1 qualifying for LoL MSI 2022, the gap might get even bigger. Damwon’s strengths were shown in LCK 2020, LCK Summer, and Worlds 2020, they also had devastating losses in MSI LoL and Worlds 2021.

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