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Riot reveal new champion coming to Teamfight Tactics in Patch 9.19

by Joe O'Brien


Riot Games have revealed that Kai’Sa will be the next new League of Legends champion joining Teamfight Tactics.


Kai’Sa enters TFT as a tier 5 unit, costing five gold, and is also one of the rare champions to boast three traits rather than the default two. She is set to join the live game with Patch 9.19, which is expected to arrive on September 25.

Naturally, Kai’Sa’s Origin is Void, but in terms of Class she’ll contribute to – and benefit from – the bonuses for both Ranger and Assassin, opening up some unique new composition options.


Her ability in Teamfight Tactics will be her ultimate, Killer Instinct, which will allow her to dash past the furthest enemy, gaining a shield and a lot of attack speed for a few seconds.

According to Lead Modes Designer Riot Mort, Kai’Sa will have the highest base attack speed in the game, making her perfect for use with items that benefit from getting attacks off quickly.

Riot Games
Riot Games
Kai'Sa is the next champion coming to Teamfight Tactics.


“Kai’Sa’s base AD is lower, but she comes equipped with the highest base attack speed in the game. Perfect for stacking a Guinsoo’s or procing that Stattik Shiv as quick as possible in the end game. Her ultimate also allows her to jump around the map quickly and avoid dangerous situations. No longer are rangers locked into the corner!”

With the addition of Kai’Sa as a late-game carry in the Void class, Riot are also adjusting how the trait works slightly. From Patch 9.19, it will act like the Imperial bonus, picking one Void unit to do true damage if there are two on the field, but all will do true damage if there are four.


Kai’Sa is available for testing immediately on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), giving players a chance to try her out before she goes live with the 9.19 update.

Kai’Sa in Teamfight Tactics

Class: Ranger & Assassin
Origin: Void
Ability: Kai’Sa dashes past the furthest enemy, gaining a shield and a lot of attack speed for a few seconds.
Cost: 5