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Riot reveal fix coming for major League of Legends champion select bug

Published: 5/Sep/2020 15:37 Updated: 5/Sep/2020 15:39

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games has confirmed that they are working on a fix for the major bug with the champion select phase in League of Legends, which stops players from selecting their characters in time.

The game client for Riot’s MOBA has received a lot of criticism from fans, which sparked Riot to launch a “Client Cleanup Campaign” to address the biggest problems.

One major issue that players have found with the game’s launcher is a bizarre bug during the champion select phase, which prevents players from locking in their desired character.

Annie being selected in league of legends champion select
Riot Games
A fix is coming for the major champion select bug in League of Legends.

This bug has been extremely frustrating for League players, as failing to select a champion in time can cost LP and result in an AFK penalty timer, forcing players to wait before they can queue up again.


Following their efforts towards other areas of the client, Riot has now shifted their efforts towards champion select, highlighting this bug as one of their primary concerns.

Riot developer Ryan ‘Cactopus’ Rigney shared the new Client Cleanup blog on September 4, revealing that they hope to make champ select “streamlined and more reliable” after the changes.


After highlighting the champion select bug, in particular, the League dev team also pointed out each of the steps they have planned for the client in the next few months, “we want to focus on solving the most common and most frustrating problems players are facing with the client.”


“The next phase is all about improving the champ select experience: bugs, responsiveness, and reliability,” Rigney added.

He also shared that they have already made progress in other areas, such as reducing the average time to boot up the game, and are quite confident they can fix the bizarre champion select bug as well.

It is unclear when exactly each of these changes will be added to the League of Legends client but Riot revealed that they would provide players with a similar ‘Champion Select’ progress update in a few months.