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Riot Games address Poppy & Kayn exploits in League of Legends

Published: 27/Jun/2020 12:16

by Calum Patterson


League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter has confirmed a fix for the ability exploits that had even resulted in some players being banned from the game entirely. 

Things began with Kayn’s exploit, which led to his total removal from the game in May, after it was found that Kayn’s W would deal damage to enemies at any range, with no way for opponents to counter.

Then, in June, an exploit with Poppy’s Q was exposed by Vandiril, where if Poppy used Flash while in base as the gates were coming down at the start of the game, and then used Hexflash while in fountain, they would have access to a global range Q.


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Riot Games
Players were getting banned for being on the receiving end of Poppy’s exploit.

Because players on the enemy team simply couldn’t escape their base, it resulted in some players getting 14-day bans for ‘intentionally feeding’. The Hexaflash rune was then disabled.

On June 26, Yetter confirmed that they had rolled out an update to fix the exploits, and asked that players report back if they still see them happening in-game.

In a follow-up tweet, Yetter also confirmed that they would be banning players who had abused it.

And, going a step further, he also confirmed that people who duo’d with someone using the exploit would also get hit by a ban.

There is also good news for the players who were (wrongly) banned for intentionally feeding, as a result of these exploits.


But, if you were one of these unlucky players, you’ll need to submit a support ticket to get it taken care of.

Although in the past, Riot has been lenient and given players a pass for abusing exploits, it sounds like those days are over.

Most notably, they started their clamp down as 3,000 players were banned in China earlier this year for bug abuse with Ornn’s W exploit, which was patched earlier in the year.