Riot devs hint at potential second VGU update in League Season 12

. 6 months ago
Blackfrost Sion in League of Legends LoL patch 11.8 notes.
Riot Games

Riot Games developers have hinted that there’s a potential second VGU update that could arrive in League of Legends Season 12.

2020’s annual League of Legends visual gameplay update (VGU) poll voted for The Freljordian spirit walker Udyr to get a makeover in Season 12.

However, despite Riot slowing down over the years with their VGU updates, devs have revealed that a second could hit the rift during LoL S12.

Udyr in League of Legends
Riot Games
Udyr is up next for a VGU which is expected to release in Season 12.

In September 2021, Riot Games release a blog post on the League of Legends champion roadmap for the rest of the year and a bit of an insight of what to expect in Season 12. The blog post mentioned that a VGU after Udyr besides the annual poll is planned, and players should stay tuned for additional information to be revealed in the new year.

One player went back to a Reddit thread that talked about the blog post on January 7, and questioned who will receive the next VGU: “When can we expect to learn who is the next VGU this year? Did they get iceboxed or are they still being worked on?”

Surprisingly, the question got a response from Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, the Lead Champion Producer at Riot. “It’s not currently iceboxed but it’s not in a place where we are confident to talk about it yet,” said Reav3. In a follow-up reply, the dev added: “Potential for a second VGU, we haven’t landed on a strong enough hook yet to be confident we will ship it.”

While the developers are unsure if the second VGU will hit Summoners Rift in League of Legends Season 12, Reav3’s comments indicate there’s definitely something in the works.

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