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Teamfight Tactics lead reveals plans for esports starting next year

Published: 25/Sep/2019 17:24 Updated: 25/Sep/2019 18:27

by Scott Robertson


After an explosive 2019 for the League of Legends auto-battler game mode, Riot shares some impressive Teamfight Tactics numbers as well as their future competitive plans in a Nexus blog post.

The age of men and elves and MOBAs and battle royales is over. Now is the time of the autobattler. Emerging earlier this year as a Dota 2 mod titled Autochess, the autobattler game mode became part of the Riot Games lineup when it was released in June 2019 under the name Teamfight Tactics.

TFT has quickly emerged as one of the best alternate game modes for League of Legends in the franchise’s history, and in a September 25 blog post on their Nexus page, Riot confirmed that they are in the process of building a competitive scene that will start in 2020.

Riot GamesThe popular autobattler game mode will get competitive in 2020

“The hunger is definitely there—the proportion of ranked to normal games of TFT is 4:1, and the mode is incredibly resonant in some of our most competitive regions like Korea,” TFT product lead Richard Henkel wrote. “We want to provide an experience worthy of the players that have dedicated themselves to being the best in the world.”

Riot also confirmed that they’re tailoring an opposite experience for TFT; one that is “less intense and more social.”

Riot provided a number of statistics that provide an indication of how well TFT has been doing, including a graph that illustrates how much TFT has been played over time compared to other unique game modes.

RiotHours played for each game mode over time following its launch

While TFT didn’t hit the initial high peak what All Random Ultra Rapid Fire mode (ARURF) hit, TFT’s game hours number increased over the first couple weeks and then steadied, while ARURF’s fell abruptly and then slowly. All Random All Mid (ARAM) evidently found its niche audience and stuck with it, staying at a consistent number of hours played over its first five months.

Teamfight Tactics has generated some incredible play time numbers as well. TFT players have produced over 1.7 billion hours of game time since the game launched, with 720 million of that just from the last month. 33 million players have been playing every month since the game launched in June. LoL has seen its global average for peak concurrent players increase by 30% since TFT was released.

Riot’s confirmation of an upcoming Teamfight Tactics scene raises a number of questions. Will current LoL organizations be involved? Can a pro League player also be a pro TFT player? Will there be a league?

A 64 player tournament for TFT will be featured at the 2019 All-Star event in December, after the conclusion of the World Championships. There we will be able to see what a broadcasted Teamfight Tactics tournament looks like, and Riot could potentially release more information on their upcoming competitive TFT project.

League of Legends

TFT Patch 10.22 hotfix nerfs Morgana after “accidental” buff

Published: 31/Oct/2020 0:36

by Andrew Amos


First it was Warwick, now it’s Morgana. Riot have had to tone back the Enlightened-Dazzler’s power in an October 30 hotfix after TFT Patch 10.22 gave her some “accidental” buffs.

Morgana reigned supreme after TFT Patch 10.22 as one of the best champions in the game. The Dazzler changes, as well as buffs to her spell damage, made the four-cost unit near unstoppable.

It was by pure accident though. TFT lead developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer revealed the Morgana changes weren’t meant to be shipped. However, Riot were keeping an eye on it instead of instantly reverting it.

“We accidentally shipped the [Morgana] change [in TFT Patch 10.22]. This was not intended and due to an error, but we’re going to leave it for now. Will keep an eye on things and undo via a B-Patch next week if necessary,” Mortdog told players on October 28.

However, the buff was too broken. The Morgana changes didn’t even make the weekend after the patch. Riot pulled the changes almost immediately, shipping a hotfix on October 30 ⁠— two days after the update launched.

It was a total revert of the spell damage buff Morgana received on TFT Patch 10.22, back to 250/400/2000 from 325/525/2000.

Morgana wasn’t the only thing touched in the October 30 TFT hotfix. AP items Chalice of Harmony, Jeweled Gauntlet, and Rabadon’s Deathcap were also changed.

Chalice of Harmony and Jeweled Gauntlet stacking has been a popular choice for Ahri compositions, as well as general Mage builds. However, nerfs to Jeweled Gauntlet’s bonus crit damage and Chalice’s bonus spell power should make them a little less appealing.

The big winner of this is the double-rod Rabadon’s Deathcap. It’s receiving a buff to its total spell power, which might make it a bit more appetizing to players.

There’s still potential for a further TFT Patch 10.22 update next week as part of a b-patch. However, it’s likely there won’t be any changes until November 4’s TFT Patch 10.23.

You can find the full TFT Patch 10.22 hotfix notes below.

TFT Patch 10.22 October 30 hotfix notes


  • Morgana Spell Damage: 325/525/2000 > 250/400/2000


  • Chalice of Harmony Bonus Spell Power: 40 > 35
  • Jeweled Gauntlet Crit Damage: 50% > 40%
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap Total Spell Power: 75 > 80