Riot announces toxic League of Legends players will be unable to queue for ranked games

Theo Burman
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Riot Games has announced that players who they find guilty of toxicity or other antisocial behavior will have their access to Ranked League of Legends restricted.

In their most recent development blog update, Riot pledged to take greater steps in combating toxicity across the whole game, including drastic new changes that could see players who were previously punished for disruptive behavior completely locked out of being able to queue for Ranked games.

This is the latest in a series of attempts from Riot to deal with longstanding toxicity issues associated with League of Legends.

Riot pledges that toxic players will be locked out of ranked League of Legends

In the post, Riot announced that in the coming months they’ll be rolling out new restrictions for disruptive players that could see their ability to queue for ranked games completely disabled.

The post reads: “In the next few months we will be restricting Ranked play for players who have been punished by our systems.

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League of Legends has suffered from longstanding toxicity issues.

“This means that if you are punished for disruptive behavior including intentional feeding, multiple AFKs, and severe chat abuse, you will be restricted from accessing the Ranked queue and will need to play in other queues to re-unlock the Ranked queue.

“While there may be concerns around disruptive players moving to other queues, we recognize that the environment of the Ranked queue results in considerably more disruptive behavior.

“These restrictions will also be in addition to all existing punishments, so for players who are consistently disruptive, they will receive account bans where they will be unable to play any games no matter what queue for a specific period of time. We will be monitoring disruptive behavior in other queues to ensure it doesn’t measurably increase after the release.”

Riot also said that they had drastically increased the speed at which they were processing reports for toxic and feeding players, resulting in more successful penalties than ever before.

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