New League of Legends Statikk Shiv bug makes allied minions farmable like Dota 2

Battle Queen Katarina Skin Splash ArtRiot Games

A new League of Legends bug involving the re-released Statikk Shiv item has introduced a mechanic that makes the game similar to Dota 2.

MOBAs have been around for quite some time now, with games such as the original Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) paving the way for the genre. Since its inception, the multiplayer online battle arena has spawned many titles, all with their unique aspects and quirks.

Arguably one of the most popular MOBA titles out there today is Riot’s League of Legends. Released back in 2009, the game has seen monumental growth, becoming one of the titans of the gaming world.

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Many aspects of League of Legends make the game unique from other MOBAs, with an emphasis on quick reactions and strategy. However, a new bug introduced in Patch 13.10 seems to have the game amalgamating with its rival Dota 2.

A Reddit user reported that with the returning Statikk Shiv item, they were able to deal damage to their own minions. This is normally impossible to do within League, as most champions are unable to interact with allied minions. But with Statikk Shiv, it seems that certain champions can now deal damage to their own minions.

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Alongside this, killing your minions with the Statikk Shiv proc will also reward you with the kill gold. This is rather game-breaking, as it means you can farm bonus gold from yourself, whilst also denying gold from the enemy team.

It’s uncertain what causes this bug from occurring, however, it could potentially be tied to Katarina’s E ability Shunpo, which can target ally minions and apply on-hit effects. Since Shunpo can proc Statikk Shiv, it could be possible that Katarina is able to deal damage to her own minions since she can target them with her E.

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It’s likely that Riot is aware of this bug and is working on a fix, especially with how popular Statikk Shiv is right now. Whilst Riot is working on a fix, League of Legends players can enjoy the new Dota 2 meta for the moment.