Riot announce plans for “multiple” LoL-inspired tabletop games

Riot Games

Riot Games announced their plans to expand their catalog of tabletop games on January 11, including details for their very next League of Legends-inspired game, their long-term plans, and why they’ve chosen to fully branch out into the tabletop genre.

For years, the team at Riot Games bided their time, letting all the jokes about only having one game wash over them, all the while slowly building up a massive collection of titles and projects to unveil at any given time.

This past October, they got the ball rolling with their extensive plans, announcing several new games and projects as part of the League of Legends 10th anniversary celebration, better known as League 10.

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Riot GamesLeague’s 10th anniversary was a historic one in announcement quantity alone.

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As those projects take form, and while League of Legends presses forward with its 2020 season and its lofty plans for Teamfight Tactics, the team at Riot aren’t showing any signs of slowing down, and are rolling the dice with expanded plans to their tabletop lineup.

On January 11, in a post aptly titled Riot Tabletop, the company announced their next tabletop project, Tellstones: King’s Gambit, which they describe as a 2-4 player bluffing game from the lawful kingdom of Demacia. 

They say their plans for making tabletop and board games stems from an admiration for those titles, and that simply, they want to bring a “Riot perspective to tabletop games.” They first did this in 2016, with a co-op themed board titled Mechs vs. Minions.

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Riot GamesRiot’s first venture into tabletops; Mechs vs Minions.

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The team says that the newest game, Tellstones, is just one of many tabletop games they are currently developing. Several members of the community have also expressed interest in a fully-fledged tabletop RPG inspired by the League of Legends universe. 

While many developers juggle both video game and tabletop development, very few of them started with video games first.

But some companies struggle to accomplish both, for example, Fantasy Flight Games, makers of several card and tabletop titles, just laid off the entire interactive staff after releasing just a single digital game.

Asmodee DigitalThe Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game, FFG Interactive’s lone digital release.

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Riot’s newest endeavor comes while their staff is already pre-occupied with the plethora of projects announced during League 10, including a mobile port of LoL titled Wild Rift, the Legends of Runeterra digital card game, an untitled first-person shooter and fighting game, and an animated series titled Arcane, alongside much more.

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The company gave no information regarding when fans can expect to get their hands on Tellstones.