LPL star whacked with huge fine for making classic LoL mistake in pro game

Lawrence Scotti
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Victory Five jungler Peng ‘pzx’ Zhan-Xiang was fined by his org for taking the wrong summoner spell in an official LPL match vs Suning. V5 penalized pzx with a month’s salary for the on-stage blunder.

V5’s Summer split in the LPL has been rough. Heading into their set against Suning, the team sported a 0-12 record and were in search of their first victory of the season.

The best of three against Suning didn’t start out as planned for V5’s pzx, who accidentally went into the Rift with ‘Teleport’ instead of a jungler’s staple summoner spell Smite.

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The match quickly went south and V5 lost. While V5 actually made a nice comeback to win game two, they ultimately lost the deciding match to keep their perfect record at 0-13.

PZX fined for mistake

Time starts at 6:23

After the match, pzx was fined a month’s wages by the team for this error. Pzx was reportedly playing on his professional LoL account before the match, and forgot to swap the summoner spell out before he got on the Rift vs Suning.

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Smite is absolutely necessary to play the jungle role. Without it, a jungler can’t even buy their starting item to reliably farm camps or even contest neutral objectives on the map.

The commentators of the match were absolutely shocked when they noticed pzx was running the wrong spell, belching out an “Oh No…” after the match began.

Pzx struggled throughout game 1 vs Suning for taking the wrong summoner spell. Jungle camps were cleared late and he had to base before hitting level 2, creating a massive disadvantage for his team in the early stages.

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As you can see on the left side of the screen pzx took the purple summoner spell teleport instead of smite.

Suning, who finished in second place at Worlds 2020, are a formidable team and have one of the best junglers in the world in Lê ‘SofM’ Quang Du. They were able to make quick work of V5 in the initial game, and eventually closed out the series.

This isn’t the first time a jungler in the LPL forgot to take smite. Just last year star jungler Wei forgot to take smite during a match with eStar Sports. Wei received the same punishment pzx did which was a fine of one month’s wages.

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