Riot opens up new League VGU poll for next big remake: Udyr, Shyvana, more

Riot Games

Riot has opened the floor to the community again to find the next champions in dire need of a visual & gameplay update (VGU). 2019’s poll helped Fiddlesticks and Volibear get new identities, and the same fate awaits one of five other champions.

Some of League’s older champions are on the cusp of being brought back into modernity with a VGU in the coming months. After a successful poll in 2019 gave Fiddlesticks and Volibear big reworks, five more champions could be following in their footsteps.

Riot has opened up a poll into who should receive the game’s next VGU. These updates completely overhaul how a champion looks and plays in-game, with a new set of cosmetics and abilities. It’s like building a new champion from the ground up.

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Nocturne is having his mid lane play style nerfed in League Patch 10.16.Riot Games
Nocturne is one of five champions on Riot’s list for League of Legends VGUs.

Udyr, Skarner, Quinn, Shyvana, Nocturne listed as League VGU candidates

The 2021 shortlist includes two champions who featured in 2019’s poll, as well as three new additions. Nocturne and Shyvana fell short of the threshold back in Season 9 and feature again, while Quinn, Udyr, and Skarner are new additions to Riot’s radar.

For Nocturne, Riot want to “drive home his promised fantasy of a living nightmare,” keeping his iconic ultimate but creating “a more deep and satisfying base kit,” they said in a January 8 blog post. Shyvana is in a similar boat, with Riot’s goal being “to make her dragon form feel more formidable and destructive.”

The new additions have different reasons. The main concern is his visuals, although they want to “build a kit where all forms feel meaningful and useful, regardless of balance state.” His iconic form-swapping mechanic is staying, however.

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Riot Games
Skarner has been reworked before, but it fell flat.

Skarner would get a full reimagination of his kit. He’s already been reworked before, but it wasn’t successful. “We’d want to keep his ability to kidnap enemies with his ult in some form, but otherwise, we’d rebuild from the ground up,” Riot added.

Finally, Quinn’s rework would involve a bit more of Valor, her warhawk sidekick. However, given her flexibility across roles, Riot are focusing more on the theme of her kit, rather than making her a relevant threat in Season 11.

How to vote in League VGU 2021 poll

The voting process is super simple. All you need to do is boot up League of Legends, and the poll will be waiting for you on the front page of the client. You can pick one champion ⁠— but choose wisely, as you cannot change your vote.

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You’ll have until January 19 at 11:59pm PT to make your vote ⁠— so January 20 across most of the world. If your pick makes the cut, you can expect the update either in late-Season 11 or Season 12 in 2022!