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New League of Legends champion Aphelios release date confirmed

Published: 19/Nov/2019 23:32

by Isaac McIntyre


Riot has confirmed when League of Legends players can get their hands on the newly unveiled champion Aphelios, and teased that “only the devout” would be able to claim mastery over the new marksman.

The announcement and the reveal of Aphelios’ lore come just days after the release of support marksman Senna onto the game’s live servers, and players won’t have to wait long to start testing out the Weapon of the Faithful either.

Riot confirmed the mysterious Targonian Lunari would be released on Tuesday, December 10, with pre-release access for the game’s 147th champion, also confirmed for the PBE testing realm ahead of the official drop date.

While none of the shadowy marksman’s abilities have been unveiled yet, Riot did wet players’ appetites with a detailed short story about Aphelios and his twin sister Alune, who were celebrated in their community as “children of destiny.”

Aphelios was first teased to be a protector of the Lunari in Riot’s Champion Roadmap.

In the beginning, Aphelios was imbued with physical prowess, while his sister Alune became a powerful magician and seer that could reveal hidden pathways and uncover truths with the power of the moon’s light.

The twins lived in a time when their race — the Lunari, based around the worship of the sun — were living under the rule of the Solari.

After the appearance of an ancient temple called the Marus Omegnum, the Solari moved to destroy the Lunari and take control of its treasures. Alune entered the temple alone, while Aphelios died holding off the armies of the Solari.

The Lunari and the Solari are constantly wrestling for power and control.

Alune would have the final say in their story, however, as she linked her magic with her dying brother. Aphelios was restored as an envoy of the moon, but he was linked to Alune, while his sister had been locked into the spirit realm.

“Together, they would be the weapon the Lunari needed, bound by pain and sacrifice,” the character bio read.

“Only apart could they be together—their souls brushing across the veil, distant, yet impossibly close, converging into something they could not understand.”

Considering the champion’s backstory is based around the power of the moon, and spiritual energy, it would be no small surprise to see abilities reminiscent of fellow Lunari characters Diana and divisive mage Zoe.

Riot has yet to reveal Champion 147’s abilities.

Aphelios could have lunar abilities like burst-mage Diana.

The Lunari’s arrival into League of Legends lore has also been something on the horizon for a long time. Back in May, Joedat ‘VoyBoy’ Esfahani was treated to an accidental behind-the-scenes look at the developer’s champion select screen, where Aphelios was already available.

Aphelios is expected to drop onto the Public Beta Environment sometime between Tuesday, November 26, and his official release date of December 10. Senna was released onto the PBE 11 days before her live server debut.

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Doublelift announces League of Legends retirement after storied LCS career

Published: 25/Nov/2020 21:37 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 0:00

by Alan Bernal


Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng has retired from professional play after nearly a decade, ending one of the most storied careers in North American League of Legends.

The legendary ADC has quit playing the game after TSM failed to make it out of the Worlds Group stage for the fifth time in franchise history. However, as he pointed out in his retirement message, his domestic form was good.

Doublelift was 17 when he qualified for his first tournament – the Season 1 World Championship in Sweden. “When I sat down to play my first match, I felt a fire in my heart that drove me to chase the dream of becoming a pro player and being the best,” he said.

That tournament was played on tiny laptops in front of just 30 people, but he went onto bigger things. DL was one of the last few legacy members of League of Legends esports. He’s played in all 10 premier seasons since the days of Intel Extreme Masters and Major League Gaming before the NA LCS even formed.

TSM trophy LCS doublelift retires
LoL Esports
In his near 10-year career, Doublelift ends his career with a case filled with LCS Trophies and MVPs.

Even in the modern era of the LCS, after the highs and lows of his time on Team Liquid and TSM, DL capped off his domestic run with a five-year domination of the league into retirement.

“For five years, I practiced 14 hours a day and lost every important match,” he wrote. “Then I finally won my first LCS championship. Today, I’ve won 8 of the last 11 splits. Hard work and determination paid off. I’m fully aware of the irony of saying that in my retirement post.”

Doublelift expressed regret for his lack of international success at Worlds, which the LCS as a whole has struggled to leave its impression on throughout the years.

“I’d like to have been able to say I won Worlds (or even just made it to quarters), but let’s just have the rookies take up the torch on that one,” he said, looking forward to the future of the LCS.

doublelift tsm team liquid lcs finals
Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games
Doublelift and Bjergsen both retired in the 2020 off-season after historical LCS careers.

Famously one of the most aggressive Bot laners in the world, Doublelift carried his career with the same brutish drive that propelled him to 2,098 Kills across 486 LCS games and tied for an LCS most All-Time record of four Pentakills.

Unfortunately, that level of success never transferred to the world stage – reaching the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) once and only making it out of the group stage at Worlds 2011.

Still, some of the most prolific LCS showings on the international stage have come under teams with Doublelift on the roster. Notably in the semifinals of the MSI 2019 and showing off NA pride at multiple Rift Rivals.

LoL Esports celebrates Doublelift’s career

Doublelift’s announcement came as a surprise to many in the esports industry who thought the 27 year old still had a lot to give to the game.

“Absolute legend, been a pleasure getting to know you this year. Great player, great person and great legacy. No matter what you end up doing next, I’m sure it will turn into something great as well,” former Team Liquid teammate Mads ‘Broxah’ Brock-Pedersen wrote.

“Best of luck in wherever your journey takes you next, Doublelift. We have no words that could adequately articulate your incredible contributions to our region and league over the years. Thank you for everything,” Riot Game’s LCS Twitter said.

100 Thieves General manager and beloved LoL personality Chris ‘PapaSmithy’ Smith said, “There are precious few League of Legends personalities that promoted the growth of the entire esports industry more than you – To say you step away a legend is an understatement, congratulations on a wonderful career”

Doublelift ended his career as the first member of the LCS’s 1000-Kill Club with eight LCS Championships, an LCS MVP for Summer 2018, the LCS Finals MVP for Spring 2019, and was nominated to the LCS All-Pro 1st Team five times.