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New champion teasers appear on League of Legends PBE

Published: 9/Oct/2019 13:36 Updated: 9/Oct/2019 14:08

by Joe O'Brien


A new teaser for the next League of Legends champions seems to have appeared on the latest iteration of the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

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Players on the PBE have noticed that at the start of games, a mysterious fog can sometimes be seen creeping towards the platform that the champions spawn on.

While it’s a minor detail, it has been speculated that this could be a teaser for the next new champion, with Riot having stated earlier in the year that they did have an in-game teaser planned.

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While it’s possible this change has a different meaning, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that Riot have teased a champion release with an in-game hint. Prior to the release of Kai’Sa, for instance, the Rift Herald could be seen being shot from the void rather than de-spawning as normal.


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Who is the next League of Legends champion?

While the next champion has yet to be fully revealed, League of Legends fans have managed to put together some theories based on leaks and statements from Riot.

According to a champion roadmap in April 2019, Riot have been planning a “very non-traditional marksman” for late this year, and the very limited teaser they offered at that time seems to share some of the smoky features of the in-game fog.

More recently, players got a first look at the character believed to be the next champion after Riot accidentally uploaded an unfinished splash art to the PBE.

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u/StarierraThe new champion’s unfinished plash art was leaked on the PBE.

Exactly who the champion is remains unconfirmed, although the most popular theory is that it could be Senna, the wife of Lucian whose soul was captured by Thresh – exactly how she might escape to become a playable champion, and what her abilities might be, remains to be seen.

When will the new champion be released?

While the teaser appearing suggests that Riot are nearly ready to reveal the game’s next new champion, players shouldn’t expect to see them in-game just yet.

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The teaser itself likely won’t reach the live servers until the next update, which is scheduled for October 23, and after that there will presumably be a further delay before the reveal to allow the teaser to be seen by players.


Given that there will be a further delay once the champion is revealed for PBE testing, it seems likely that it’s still a matter of months before they actually arrive on the live servers.