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League’s One For All game mode will return on Patch 10.6

Published: 4/Mar/2020 23:39

by Andrew Amos


One of League of Legends’ most loved arcade game modes, One For All, will be making a shock return on Patch 10.6, and players are already devising some hilarious tactics.

One For All is a League arcade game mode that plays out exactly as described ⁠— you get one champion for all players on your team, and you have to gear up to take on a team of enemies doing the exact same thing.

It makes for some pretty entertaining moments, and now, after almost two years since its last appearance, League players will be able to try it out all again with a host of new champions to choose from.


Riot Games
One For All will be back on League Patch 10.6 for a limited time.

One For All will be making its return on Patch 10.6, and is currently live on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for players to test out. It will be released on live servers on March 18 alongside the next patch.

One For All last made its appearance in League of Legends during April Fools 2018. Since then, eight new champions have been released: Pyke, Neeko, Sylas, Yuumi, Qiyana, Senna, Aphelios, and Sett.

On top of that, six champions have undergone major reworks ⁠— Nunu and Willump, Ezreal, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Pantheon, and Diana.

Players are already devising new strategies to pull off in the new game mode that haven’t been possible before. A team of Neekos will be able to send out dozens of clones at once to confuse enemies, while Yuumi can turn into a babushka doll, endlessly stacking inside of one Yuumi.


Sylas will also have a fun time depending on the enemy, throwing ultimates back at one another. In a Mordekaiser matchup ⁠— who is also making his first One For All appearance after his 2019 rework ⁠— things will get pretty hectic very quickly.

Some other strategies will also be making a comeback too. A team of Ornns will be able to upgrade every item they buy if it’s eligible, while a team of Shacos will be able to run circles around the enemy with their clones.

Some champions will be balanced based on their overall strength as five, with Riot keeping an eye out for “champions that feel very over or underpowered” among other things on the PBE.


This balancing will be similar to the damage dealt and taken changes on ARAM, URF, and other arcade game modes.

One For All will go live on Patch 10.6 on March 18. Typically, arcade game modes pop up for a two-patch cycle, so expect to see it go on Patch 10.8 on April 15.