Logic to headline LCS Summer Finals 2020 Opening Ceremony

. 2 years ago
Riot Games

Logic will make a brief return to his performing life on September 6. The retired artist will make an appearance on the LCS Finals broadcast to headline the event’s Opening Ceremony.

Riot Games announced today that the rapper-turned-Twitch star is going to be featured on the official LCS channel before FlyQuest takes on either TSM or Team Liquid to decide the Summer 2020 Champion.

Eager fans would love to see the two-time Grammy Award nominee go through a whole playlist live, but there’s a Grand Finals that has to be played that day. Luckily, Logic will have time to perform a “unique rendition” of the ‘Perfect’ single from his album ‘No Pressure.’

Although no details were shared, Logic’s single will feature “sound effects from iconic video game titles.” The track famously incorporates a few sound bites and callbacks to video games, but it would be interesting to see if Riot and Logic have something special in store for the League of Legends tournament.

Riot Games
Logic will be performing at the LCS Summer 2020 Opening Ceremony.

How to watch Logic perform at the LCS Finals Opening Ceremony

Riot Games have been known to incorporate incredible displays before they kick off major events. Their partnership with Logic will let anyone tuning into the official LCS Twitch channel or Riot’s own LoL Esports website follow along the performance.

To start watching, tune in on the day of the Grand Finals on Sunday, September 6 at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST / 9 AM BST when the Opening Ceremony starts up to usher in the final match of the season.

The lead-up to the online games should also include other featurettes to hype up the match, so make sure to stay near the tab in case Logic isn’t on immediately starting the Opening Ceremony.

Logic signed a seven-figure deal with Twitch in late July after retiring from his music career. The artist has long been vocal of his love for games. In 2018, he played Street Fighter II during a live concert, projecting the matches on a big screen.

Via Riot Games
Logic recently moved on from music and invested in an esports team and Twitch career.

In late August, Logic and Pusha-T were announced as part of Chaos EC’s ownership group who were leading a charge for social justice and racial equality initiatives, particularly in the gaming community.

Now, he’ll lend his talents to bolster Riot’s extensive catalogue of live League performances from past artists including Imagine Dragons, (G)I-dle’s Soyeon & Miyeon, Duckwrth, Keke Palmer, Thutmose, Becky G, and much more.

The LCS Summer Finals tends to draw thousands of viewers every year, and many more could follow suit this time to see Logic’s special performance.

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