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Leona set for massive overhaul in League Season 12

Published: 3/Apr/2022 19:19

by Lawrence Scotti


Leona is the next champion set for a huge visual update in League Season 12 as Riot Games continues to push to bring older champions back into the spotlight and modernized their effects.

Riot Games has made it their mission to improve gameplay clarity in Season 12 of LoL.

Tons of champions, like Vel’Koz, Vayne, and Varus, have seen their abilities get all new animations, and the company isn’t done there.

Leona, one of the more popular support picks, is set to get all new effects on her abilities to make her hitboxes more clearly defined.

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Leona is getting her spells updated.

League updates Leona’s kit in Season 12

The support tank champion is getting a new visual on all her spells, but mainly on her Zenith Blade and ultimate, Solar Flare.


Zenith Blade is now much brighter and sports a larger hitbox indicator.

Solar Flare is also much brighter, and the edges are made more circular. The redesign follows the changes made to other champions who’ve gotten updates, as Riot wants hitboxes to be as clear as possible.

Here are all of the skins set for an update:

  • Base
  • Pool Party
  • Iron Solari
  • Valkyrie
  • Defender
  • Barbecue

Riot designer Sirhaian revealed in the Reddit post showing off the updates that Leona’s newer skins aren’t getting changes as those designs are already where they want to be clarity-wise.

They explained that the update focused on making Leona’s abilities more resemble her design in “The Call.”


Despite Leona’s splash art in the mobile version of LoL, Wild Rift, bringing a more modern feel, Riot Games have continued to stick with Leona’s original artwork.

While no release date has been given yet, look for the update to go live on patch 12.7.