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LEC Summer Split 2020 awards: All-Pro Team, MVP, Coach, ROTS

Published: 6/Sep/2020 17:40 Updated: 6/Sep/2020 17:49

by Daniel Cleary


The LEC’s 2020 Summer Split is coming to a close and with the European League of Legends playoffs now underway, Riot is releasing their awards for the regular season MVP, LEC All-Pro Team, and more.

Fnatic and G2 Esports have reigned dominant in Europe for many years, however, the 2020 summer split was full of surprises, as the iconic organizations stumbled their way into playoffs, with new challengers, Rogue and MAD Lions, finishing the regular season with the first and second seed.


Rogue topped the regular-season standings and was the first team, internationally, to secure their place at Worlds 2020, Although, surprisingly, none of their players were listed on the first LEC All-Pro team, with G2 Esports’ Caps narrowly besting Larssen following his incredible solo-carry performances in Summer.

However, both MAD Lions and Rogue managed to snag four All-Pro Team spots in total, with MAD support and potential MVP candidate Kaiser as the top-voted player with 123 points. You can check out the full LEC 2020 Summer Split awards list below.


LEC's All-Pro team summer 2020 players

We’ll update this page with winners of the awards as they come in.

2020 LEC Summer Split Awards

KIA LEC All-Pro Team

1st LEC All-Pro Team
Position Player Points
Top OG Alphari 89 Points
Jungle MAD Shad0w 92 Points
Mid G2 Caps 118 Points
Bot XL Patrik 61 Points
Support MAD Kaiser 123 Points


2nd LEC All-Pro Team
Position Player Points
Top G2 Wunder 73 Points
Jungle RGE Inspired 72 Points
Mid RGE Larssen 99 Points
Bot RGE Hans Sama 60 Points
Support RGE Vander 74 Points


3rd LEC All-Pro Team
Position Player Points
Top MAD Orome 71 Points
Jungle S04 Gilius 68 Points
Mid MAD Humanoid 52 Points
Bot FNC Rekkles 54 Points
Support G2 Mikyx 48 Points

Coach of the Split

MAD Lions’ coach James “Mac” MacCormack has earned the LEC’s coaching award for the second consecutive split, finishing strong in another regular season with the young roster.

Despite finishing as the second seed behind Rogue and stumbling in the early stages of the LEC playoff bracket, Mac has still had an impressive run with the band of rookies in Summer.


Rookie of the Split

Vitality star Labros “labrov” Papoutsakis has been announced as the LEC’s latest Rookie of the Split, despite his team’s poor record in Summer.

The rising support star narrowly beat SK Gaming mid lane ZaZee by just a single point for the top spot, off the back of some incredible individual performances during stage matches.

Most Valuable Player

Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther has taken the crown as the Most Valuable Player during the LEC Summer Split 2020.


Caps received the LEC Summer Split MVP award because of his outstanding performance. The LEC glorify this moment through a 2-minute video commending the player for his phenomenal skills during this event – further concluding the LEC Summer Split 2020.

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Astralis fined by Riot Games after LEC investigation

Published: 13/Oct/2020 14:27 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 14:33

by Calum Patterson


Danish esports organization Astralis must pay a €5,000 fine, and must fulfill new requirements, Riot Games has ruled after an investigation into the team’s missing salary payments to players, and the actions of the team’s general manager.

LEC Commissioner Maximillian Peter Schmidt said that “multiple Astralis Team Members had reached out to the League reporting missing salary payments as well as conduct unbecoming of an LEC Team Manager by the interim Astralis General Manager.”


The LEC investigation found that the missing salary payments were “tied to the specifics of the Danish jurisdiction and human error.”

“Astralis was fully cooperative and swiftly resolved the matter,” the ruling continues. “The League confirmed all missing payments have now been received by the Team Members.”

Origen LoL team
Riot Games
Astralis previously played under the Origen brand in the LEC, until rebranding in September.

However, the investigation also found that “the Astralis GM exhibited conduct unbecoming of an LEC Team Manager including the misrepresentation of certain contract terms with the Team Members and a singular instance of verbal misconduct.”

The GM in question is not named. Astralis’s former GM, Martin ‘Deficio’ Lynge, who was there when the team went by Origen in the LEC, left at the same time as the rebranding was announced, back in September.

In addition to the €5,000 fine, Astralis must now meet four extra requirements as an organization in the LEC:

  • Astralis is required to establish and communicate a direct avenue which Team Members can use to report potential grievances towards the Astralis ownership group.
  • Astralis is required to establish an on-boarding program for their Team Members including an outline of the above as well as an overview of Danish vacation pay and tax/payment/EasyID requirements.
  • The League will schedule check-in calls with all Team Members in the 2021 Season to ensure the above has been executed.
  • Astralis and their General Manager will be officially warned for conduct unbecoming of an LEC Team Manager as we consider the LEC organizations responsible for the actions of their employees.

At the time of writing, Astralis has not commented publicly on the LEC’s ruling.

The organization is best known for its CS:GO team, and rebranded their FIFA and LoL teams to unify the brand under the Astralis banner.