League of Legends’ Thresh human form revealed

League of Legends players have wondered about Thresh’s life before becoming the horrifying specter seen today – and the official lore companion has finally given a clear look at his human form.

Riot Games published a 256-page book “that explores the game’s epic lore” using brand new images, histories, excerpts and explainers.

Needless to say, the book has been a trove of information for LoL die-hards, but even for the casual player, it’s given a unique look at a lot of popular champs in the game.

One such character is the support-favorite Thresh, which a lot of players would be surprised to learn that he didn’t always tout such a menacing ghostly appearance.

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Riot GamesThresh has long been a popular pick, but his history before his specter days has eluded many. Credit: Riot Games

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Giving a proper look into the lore companion, Reddit user ‘Kialand’ was amped to finally see what the Chain Warden looked like before his transformation.

“With the release of the official Lore Companion Book for League Of Legends, we finally got to see what Thresh looked like before the Ruination!” the said.

The image alongside his excerpt reveals a “lowly member of an order devoted to the gathering and protecting of arcane knowledge,” and he looks pretty average to boot.

Thresh in human form before the Ruination. Credit: Riot Games via Kialand Reddit

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Though he holds a scepter which is vaguely reminiscent of the lantern that the character uses to hold all of his collected spirits.

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The book tells a bit more of lore behind the man that is Thresh, revealing that he was once a custodian of the hidden vaults of arcane wisdom located at the Blessed Isles before the event that morphed him into the cruel specter players know today.

As mentioned, League of Legends fans have long theorized what Thresh looked like before that time. Some artists even took it upon themselves to give their interpretations.

Now we know what Thresh looked like before his ghostly life and his conflicts with Lucian and Senna. Credit: Riot Games

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Some admittedly prefer other renditions of the character that have come out in the past, like the 2013 depiction from artist SiaKim.

In that, Thresh actually looks “like [Vladimir] with Dreadlocks,” and definitely has a more sinister appearance than the official design.

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Either way, League of Legends players now have a sense of closure for one of the game’s more interesting mysteries courtesy of the MOBA’s official lore companion.