League of Legends streamer shocked as rare Yorick bug ends game

Riot Games

A bizarre bug saw a League of Legends streamer lose a game due to an invisible Yorick ultimate rampaging in their base.

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On August 8, a LoL streamer named Drumingrl shared a highlight of her stream where her team’s base was destroyed by an enemy they could not see.

She later inspected the replay of the game to find that a strange interaction between Mordekeiser’s ultimate and Yorick’s ultimate allowed the latter’s summoned units to become invisible and end the game.

Riot GamesYorick’s summoned allies became invisible due to a strange bug.
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Mordekeiser used his ultimate on Yorick, transporting both players to a “Death Realm” where they are invisible to both teams for a short time. Near the end of the effect, Yorick used his ultimate to summon a spirit that does damage and is able to raise ghouls.

After the ultimate ended, the spirit survived and was invisible to both teams and could still attack. The spirit was also able to summon ghouls, which proceeded to tear down their enemy’s base. 

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Meanwhile, Drumingrl’s team were surprised that one of their buildings was destroyed but assumed that it was due a Voidspawn from a Zz’Rot Portal and went on to push mid as they had just defended their base.

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They were forming a plan for the rest of the game when they were abruptly interrupted by their cameras automatically panning back to their base, as their nexus had just been destroyed by an invisible enemy.

Riot GamesMordekeiser’s Death Realm seemed to cause the bug.
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A Reddit thread highlighting the bug quickly popped up, with the community mostly poking fun at the strange bug. One user commented: “So I guess Yorick counters Morde then”, while another said: “You hate to see it but that’s golden.” 

The Yorick that was in the game even joined in on the discussion, stating that he was “interested to see what would happen” if he used his ultimate near the end of Mordekeiser’s and that he too was surprised by the results.

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