League of Legends star Upset issued warning by LEC for bizarre reason

Daniel Cleary

League of Legends pro Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp was issued a warning for the most bizarre reason by Riot Games referees, during an LEC match vs Misfits Gaming.

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The return of the LEC in the Summer Split has already made for some incredibly entertaining highlight moments such as G2 Wunder opening up MS paint mid-game to send a message to fans.

In the most recent case of the LEC players’ mischief, Schalke 04 Esports star, Upset, found himself on the receiving end of a warning from Riot Games referees after calling for an unauthorized pause for one of the most unusual reasons.

Riot GamesUpset is often regarded as one of the best AD Carry’s in the LEC.
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Most pauses in professional League of Legends matches are often called due to technical issues with the players equipment, such as a faulty mouse, or if a player believes there was a bug in the game.

However, to the surprise of many, Upset’s reasoning for calling the pause was due to his foot falling asleep according to the casters, as they updated the fans on what was causing the delay saying:

“A quick update on the pause: Upset’s foot fell asleep, had to pause for that, we don’t authorize pauses for that so there’s has been a warning.”

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The LEC caster, Drakos, followed on by showing the AD Carry player some credit despite calling for the unusual pause, “I respect the fact he was committed enough to take the warning to get his foot back into functioning action” He said, jokingly adding, “He then immediately sat on it again but we’ll get the play-by-play on that later.”

Upset later confirmed that it was in fact his teammates on Schalke who had called for the pause on his behalf, although it appears as if he was still the one who was issued the warning, explaining:

“I did not pause the game I just asked the referee if I can pause and one of my teammates paused it for me…esports is [rough] sometimes.”

Many of the viewers found the reasoning to be hilarious while also sympathizing with the League of Legends star, understanding how distracting it might be to his game play.

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