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League of Legends: Riot developer outlines upcoming changes to jungle champion Kayn

Published: 21/Dec/2018 22:40 Updated: 21/Dec/2018 22:47

by Bill Cooney


Riot Developer Daniel Leaver has shared some of the changes coming to Kayn in 2019 with League of Legends fans on Twitter.

Kayn was released in 2017 and fans of the hero have had to wait awhile for any kind of updates on their favorite champion.

The changes Leaver provided give Kayn some much needed “Quality of Life” upgrades that seem to have gone over well with fans on Twitter already.

The first problem addressed is Kayn’s sometime unpredictable transformation process, which Leaver admits can be difficult for even season veterans of the hero to predict.

The solution to this is changing Kayn’s progress bar to show progress towards his transformation state in general instead of representing progress towards any one particular form


The next issue is being locked out of the second form for four minutes once players transform with Kayn a first time.

Players will still be able to collect orbs when working towards their second transformation, but instead of filling up a progress bar, orbs will take five seconds off of the four-minute lockout.

Finally, instead of manually typing to inform teammates when transformation is ready, Kayn players will have access to a one-button ping that will inform the team on their progress.

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Leaver didn’t give a specific date for when the changes would be implemented, but he did say they would come out sometime in 2019 after plenty of testing.

League of Legends’ Season 9 is set to kick off on January 23.