League of Legends player has police called on them after intense ranked game

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A League of Legends player reported that they had the cops called on them after yelling too loud during a rather intense ranked game.

League of Legends can be a pretty full-on game, requiring quick reaction times, strategy, and mechanical skill for those looking to play optimally. Oftentimes games in League will require a player’s full attention and can take up to 40 minutes of their concentration to win a match.

Due to the intense nature of the game, League players can get pretty heated, with shouting and flaming being a constant of any ranked game. This is taken even further when the stakes are higher, like when a player is in their promotional games or completing their provisionals.

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One player ended up taking the intensity to the next level, however, as they report that they had the cops called on them after they finished the first game of their Platinum promos.

Reddit user UnleashedMythic went a little bit too hard whilst playing their Platinum promos. After getting caught up in the high stakes of the game, they started yelling profusely at the game and their team. Fortunately for them, they ended up winning the game.

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Legend of Legends players has police check in after intense game

“In the first game of my Platinum promos, our team had a really poor start to the game with some mistakes early. This tilted me and I started yelling profusely given the high intensity of the situation. We end up winning the game by a country mile”.

Unfortunately for them, their hysterical yelling caused quite a stir within the neighborhood, as it appears someone thought a domestic dispute was taking place at their house.

“All of a sudden I hear a knock at the door. Look outside and turns out to be the local police department surveying the perimeter of the house. I go outside and three officers start questioning me about what’s going on, and whether there is a domestic dispute or something much more grim going on inside.”

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Embarrassed, Mythic explained to the police that there wasn’t anything going on, but they decided to search the house just in case. Mythic apologized to the officers for “taking unnecessary police resources for something as minuscule as this.”

Despite the awkward situation, Mythic shared their experience on Reddit to serve as a little cautionary tale to not take League too seriously.

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