League of Legends MMO head reveals how Champions will be implemented

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League of Legends MMO

The head of the upcoming League of Legends MMO revealed some new information regarding champion implementation in the game.

Riot’s new Runeterra-centered MMO is a big mystery, with little information shown publicly. As of yet, there’s been no trailer or gameplay reveal for the League of Legends MMO.

However, the head of the game’s development team communicates very actively – sharing game progress alongside other insights. In a recent Twitter post, he began by discussing his personal role on the MMO team, then delved into the League of Legends’ champion implementation in the game.

While discussing his role on the team, Riot Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street says “As the head of this MMO team, I don’t do a lot of actual ‘making things’ type work.

“One exception is that I do brainstorm and problem solve for creatures, especially things to fight.”

When stating this under the context of an MMO, the creatures likely refer to boss fights and mob fights. After all, these are staples of the genre.

But what would these look like for the League of Legends MMO?

League of Legends MMO Champions Implementation

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Champions will be treated with respect in the MMO

A Twitter user asked Ghostcrawler “I’m wondering if dungeon bosses can/will be any champions we know of?”

Street replied, “We want to treat the champions with a lot of respect. I’m not saying you will never fight any of them, but we aren’t just going to turn to them anytime we are short on boss ideas.”

This means players will definitely have opportunities to fight against champions in the game – but they won’t be very frequent. In essence, players will likely face bosses which are either entirely new or taken from the card game: Legends of Runeterra.

And as many Legends of Runeterra players know, there are some big bad monsters stronger than champions never before seen in League of Legends.

And since the world of Runeterra is home to various sizes of champions – which aren’t properly scaled in League of Legends, players in the upcoming MMO will likely have a more accurate representation of how the fight would go – at least in regards to sizing.

Champions will likely be implemented as NPC as well – providing essential lore while pushing the story forward as well.

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