League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2019 final placements and prize pool

Riot Games

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2019.

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In what was a record setting tournament, with an unprecedented EU vs NA final at a major League of Legends event, we were guaranteed to see a new major region come out on top and lift that MSI trophy.

After a much anticipated final, G2 Esports ultimately came out on top with a convincing 3-0 victory over the LCS Spring champions, Team Liquid and secured Europe’s first major international trophy in over 8 years.

Riot GamesG2 Esports won the European LEC Spring finals to qualify for MSI 2019.
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G2 Esports did not have an easy run by any means, with having to defeat former multiple time League of Legends World champions, Sk Telecom T1 to make their way into the grand final against Team Liquid.

Team Liquid also performed well despite their defeat in grand finals, with one of the best showings from a North American team has had at an International event in years, beating the reigning world champions, Invictus Gaming and finishing in second place at MSI 2019.

The strong results from the western teams have proved that the gap between major regions at international League of Legends events has finally closed.

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Mid Season Invitational 2019 final placements

Place Team Roster Cash Prize


G2 Esports

Wunder, Jankos, Caps, Perkz, Mikyx



Team Liquid

Impact, Xmithie, Jensen, Doublelift, CoreJJ



Sk Telecom T1

Khan, Clid, Faker, Teddy, Mata



Invictus Gaming

TheShy, Ning, Rookie, JackeyLove, Baolan



Flash Wolves

Hanabi, Bugi, Rather, Betty, ShiauC



Phong Vu Buffalo

Zeros, Meliodas, Naul, BigKoro, Palette



Vega Squadron

BOSS, AHaHaCiK, Nomanz, SaNTaS, Razly



1907 Fenerbahce

Ruin, Kirei, Bolulu, Hades, Japone



DetonatioN FM

Evi, Steal, Ceros, Yutapon, Gaeng




Rockky, Jjun, G4, Lloyd, Pop




Mimic, Balkhan, Ryoma, FBI, Rogue



Isurus Gaming

Buggax, Oddie, Seiya, Warangelus, Slow



INTZ e-Sports

Tay, Shini, Envy, Mills, Redbert