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League of Legends: Insane Yuumi Baron steal turns LCK match on its head

Published: 26/Jul/2019 13:11 Updated: 26/Jul/2019 14:03

by Kamil Malinowski


A League of Legends match in League Champions Korea (LCK) was completely turned around as SANDBOX Gaming support Cho “Joker” Jae-eup pulled off an incredible Baron Nashor steal with Yuumi.

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The top two teams of the LCK, DAMWON Gaming and SANDBOX Gaming, faced off on July 26 in what was expected to be one of the most exciting matches of the league. Both teams had been in incredible form, losing only a handful of games, and it was difficult to tell who would come out on top. 

While the series was full of incredible plays and back and forth action, one moment stood out from the rest – Joker’s miraculous Baron steal. 


Riot GamesSANDBOX Gaming’s LoL squad are one of the best in the LCK this season.
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SANDBOX Gaming were 0-1 down in the best-of-three match and on the back foot as DAMWON were attempting to take down Baron. The entire SANDBOX team were out of position, and only three players managed to arrive before it was dangerously low on health. The series looked like it was going to end there. 

This was when Joker stepped in and made the unthinkable happen with his Yuumi. Baron had less than 10% health left when the Korean fired off an incredibly well-aimed Prowling Projectile, which weaved in-between two DAMWON players on its way to Baron. 

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Somehow, the projectile hit when Baron was on just 61 health, securing the last hit and granting SANDBOX the powerful buff. This was an incredibly unlikely occurrence, if the ability had hit at any other time, even just a split second difference, DAMWON would have the buff. 


This steal ended up turning the game around, and after another 14 minutes of intense gameplay, SANDBOX managed to tie up the series 1-1, with Joker being awarded the MVP award for that game. 

The community quickly caught wind of this play and were absolutely stunned by it, with a Reddit thread quickly gaining popularity, and responses like “What the f*ck” and “Looking cool, Joker!” flooding the thread. 

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A Baron steal of this kind is a very unlikely occurrence, and incredibly rare in professional play. It is doubtful that something like this will happen again anytime soon, especially from a support champion.