League of Legends artists creates incredibly horrific Death Blossom Cassiopeia skin

Alan Bernal
Sunrise / Riot Games

League of Legends fans have a knack for creating incredible alternative skins for their favorite champions, but one artist took inspiration from a disturbing Inuyasha fiend to make one of the most terrifying Cassiopeia designs to date.

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Riot Games regularly supply their cast of over 140 champions with different skins to give players the option of mixing up their in-game look. While most generally tend to have include adorable attributes, some can get a bit creepy.

But nothing that Riot has produced so far can touch what Reddit user ‘_leu’ managed to put together, that would instantly be the most horrific skin for any champion in the game, and its not even close.

(WARNING: The concept art is actually pretty creepy, especially if you don’t like bugs)

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Riot Games
Riot’s designs for Cass look epic, but never terrifying.

In a Reddit thread, the artist shared their concept of a Death Blossom skin for the Serpent’s Embrace, which makes her less of a snake and more of a nightmarish centipede that would make laning against a traumatic task.

“I wanted to explore my horror creative style,” _leu said. “So I was re-watching Inuyasha and there is a creepy centipede demon lady and I was like YES CASS NEED THAT! so with that idea in my mind I started to explore ideas and stuff, and it hit me that Death Blossom is a skinline where bugs become plants, so It was kinda a perfect fit…”

_leu via Reddit
A Cassiopeia skin that’s made of pure nightmares.
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Although the Death Blossom skins in the game for Kha’Zix and Elise give them colorful yet sinister looks, the artist’s does away with any sort of charming pretext and made a perfectly terrifying skin: “It prob didn’t translate but my idea it that everything are petals that give shape to the monstrous body of Cass.”

Cassiopeia goes from zero legs to 100 with this design. She’s adorned from head to tail in spine-crawling limbs, and to add a bit more to the gross factor the artist even gave her bundled legs on her neck that would secure her prey when she gets up close and personal with them.

Riot Games
Jade Fang Cassiopeia might be the scariest official skin, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the proposed Death Blossom design.

Would a creepy skin like Death Blossom Cassiopeia make it to the game?

As mentioned before, Riot has dabbled in skins that give some characters a creepy undertone. Designs like Sewn Chaos Orianna and Bittersweet Lulu are some of the skins that more immediately conjure disturbing images.

Riot Games
Bittersweet Lulu creeped out a lot of players for a while.

Even Urgot’s base skin after his major VGU is a disturbing take to a cyborg if someone takes a closer look at his design.

While they might be a bit disturbing, nothing comes close to _leu’s take to Cassiopeia which would definitely have to be watered down a bit if ever it comes to the game.