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League of Legends fans explain why Rod of Ages needs to be renamed

Published: 16/Jan/2020 13:22

by Kamil Malinowski


League of Legends fans have suggested that Rod of Ages could use a name change and it absolutely makes sense. 

Rod of Ages is one of the most iconic LoL items, having been a staple for some Champions since the game’s release.

However, this has left the item slightly dated and while it has received some changes throughout the years, there is still one thing that is bothering players – what they consider to be a boring name.

Ryze League of Legends Champion
Riot Games
Ryze is an iconic user of the Rod of Ages.

The key issue is that Rod of Ages is an item that once purchased, still takes 10 minutes to build up to its full strength. There are other similar items in the game that not only already have interesting names, but also transform into something much cooler when fully built up.


The prime examples of these are Archangel’s Staff, which turns into Seraph’s Embrace, and Manamune, which turns into Muramana. Both of these get new items and new names, making it feel like you’ve really powered up and unlocked their full potential, while the rod stays the same.

A Reddit user shared his take on the matter, with many agreeing – “This is pretty irrelevant but seeing a dinky purple stick with “10” next to it isn’t remotely as cool as “ARCH ANGLES STAFF” or “MURAMANA” like some kind of mythical sea creature.”

Rod of the Ages should really get a new icon and name at full stacks. from leagueoflegends

They even suggested a new name, “Catalyst of Time”, which does sound pretty epic and fits the theme of the item.


Riot Games haven’t yet responded to the suggestion. Although, with many supporting the idea we may see a name change somewhere down the line and would undoubtedly feel much more powerful wielding the Catalyst of Time rather than the Rod of Ages.