Bizarre League of Legends bug has broken Yuumi’s core gameplay mechanic

Riot Games

League of Legends players are starting to warm up to Yuumi’s unique gameplay mechanic of attaching to another character, but small cracks in the code are starting to show.

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Riot Games released the Magical Cat to the Rift on May 15, and while she was pretty weak in her debut, a quick update was all it took to make her a viable component for a lot of team compositions.

One of the biggest draws for picking Yuumi is obviously her ability to leap from ally to ally to dish out huge crowd control or buffs at a moment’s notice.

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Riot GamesYuumi is generally safe when Attached to an ally, but a bug is preventing her from sticking to her teammate.

In a Reddit thread, user ‘pxry1’ showed a clip of that showed Yuumi’s You and Me! ability not working at all as intended after the ally Jhin decided to teleport into the fray.

The video shows the red side sieging the enemy base before an engagement started to break out. After seeing their team was about to get wiped, Jhin used his teleport on a minion advancing in the mid lane.

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Pxry1 hitched a ride on their Jhin to take advantage of the cat’s passive, and while it did teleport both of the players, Yuumi didn’t exactly stick with her ADC all the way through.

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While Jhin made it to his destination without a problem, Yuumi got Unattached after the teleport finished and was also dropped considerably further away. Somehow Yuumi ended between the Inner and Inhibitor turrets in the top lane.

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It looks as if the Jhin TP came in a little too late to save their team from being wiped, but a bug like this could definitely have drastic effects if it popped up in a closer scenario or even a pro game.

Riot GamesHopefully Riot Games finds a fix for the Yuumi bug soon.

Yuumi is being updated in patch 9.12

The Riot Games developers recently gave a look into how Yuumi and other problematic champs have been doing since their big buffs, and it looks like the Magical Cat has been over-performing after getting some help.

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As it stands, Yuumi is going to be getting nerfs when the 9.12 update rolls around that will hopefully leave her in a more balanced state.

Along with those nerfs, Yuumi players will anxiously await to see if Riot Games can see this bug and find a fix for it in time for League of Legends’ next big patch.

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