League of Legends: 100T’s Bang hits back after caster calls Faker and co ‘has-beens’

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Feb 10, 2019
LoL Esports/Riot Games

100 Thieves League of Legends star Bae ‘Bang’ Jun-sik has hit back at negative comments from a Korean caster labeling his former squad SK Telecom T1 as ‘has-beens’ and saying they don’t deserve their salaries. 

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The revamped SKT squad, which is still anchored by legendary mid-laner ‘Faker,’ Lee Sang-hyeok, has picked up a 4-2 record to start the Spring Split of the 2019 LCK season trailing only the currently undefeated Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming.

However, that hasn’t stopped some fans and analysts criticizing their standing after an off-season of overhauling the roster – and Bang took offense to the comments, stepping in to defend his former squad.

LoL Esports/Riot Games
The AD Carry swapped the LCK for the LCS during the off-season.
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A Korean caster who streams under the name NiceGameTV, labeled the current SK Telecom T1 roster as “has-beens,” sparking a reaction from the 100 Thieves AD Carry who is a former member of the team.

He tweeted his frustrations about the comments in Korean, which in a rough translation from Korizon, said: “They earned these results by working harder than anyone else, and even now they are continuing to work just as hard as other players. So to call them “washed up, nothing but big names” really hurts my soul.”

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Despite being in America and competing in the highly-competitive LCS, Bang clearly still has one eye on the LCK and his former organization – with who he played under from 2014 until 2018, winning two Worlds championship and finding success at multiple MSI events.