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League of Legend 9.9 update will bring “the biggest patch of the year” – Aatrox balance changes, Tahm Kench nerfs, and more

Published: 1/May/2019 0:14 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 19:48

by Alan Bernal


The League of Legends developers released the 9.9 patch on April 30, which is going to unload massive changes to the game’s most popular champions and  might force some players to rethink how they approach their favorite characters.

With MSI drawing ever closer, the minds at Riot Games are going to introduces tons of changes that will hopefully bring more balance to the Rift.

In the 9.9 patch notes, Rioters Paul ‘Aether’ Perscheid and Hanna ‘shio shoujo’ Woo keyed in on what updates are coming to the Rift which will once again make huge changes to Aatrox while introducing smaller tweaks to other champions’ ability kits.

Riot GamesThe Darkin Blade has seen a lot of changes since his reworks, and that trend will keep going on patch 9.9.

Aatrox abilities look different

The Riot team are making “mechanic changes across the board” which they hope will make the champion less reliant on the valuable revive from his World Ender ultimate.

“Since his rework, Aatrox has settled into a diving, one-shot playstyle that’s protected by the guaranteed safety of a revive,” the Rioters said. “…The revive on his ultimate is much less reliable, freeing up a lot of room to give him buffs (which make up the majority of the other changes here).”

To that effect, Aatrox is going to get his Q buffed with both damage and a lower cooldown. Though his W will get a slight CD increase, the applied slow is now 25% across all ranks.

Riot GamesTahm Kench has been a go-to pick because of how useful Devour can be, but the next patch is going to bring a huge downside for eating up allies.

Tahm Kench will start to hurt from Devour

The River King has been a high priority pick in pro play for his ability to save an ally from all harm with his Devour, but there’s going to be significant changes made when the 9.9 patch lands.

Even though his other abilities got a healthy serving of balances, the champion’s main draw always lied in his W.

So players might want to take note that when Tahm Kench Devours an ally, it’ll ground and slow him by 95%, the same slow applied when gobbling up an enemy.

Riot Games via FandomThe Charmer is going to have his play making ability marginally reduced to open up counter play potential.

Rakan can still make plays, just with a slight delay

The Charmer has been the focus of balancing talks for a long time, and it looks like the 9.9 patch will again see that their playmaking ability gets tweaked.

Riot feels his explosive R > W combo “consumes too much of the power budget of his kit,” so they’ll be fine tuning The Quickness ultimate to give room for meaningful buffs.

In that spirit, Rakan is no longer able to cast Flash or his W for 0.5 seconds after activating his R. Meanwhile, the dash speed for his Grand Entrance has been slightly increased along with various base stats to beef him up.

Even though the change shouldn’t be too crucial, Rakan players should definitely take note of that before spam pinging for an immediate engage.

There were tons of other priority changes made across some of the game’s long patch notes listing, and players should give it a quick read through to make sure they’re caught up to the changes coming to League of Legends.

League of Legends

Rekkles believes he and G2 Esports are “made for each other”

Published: 30/Nov/2020 4:17 Updated: 30/Nov/2020 4:18

by Isaac McIntyre


Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson has admitted he and his former rivals turned new organization G2 Esports are basically “made for each other,” as the Swede makes the biggest roster swap of the LEC offseason in his bid to finally win Worlds.

On Nov. 22, Fnatic figurehead and captain Rekkles shocked the League of Legends world; he had accepted a multi-year deal with his team’s arch-rivals G2 Esports.

The switch ended Rekkles’ seven-year tenure with Fnatic, excluding a six-month swap to Europe’s then superteam Elements. The shock move sent ripples through the LEC, and raised another question; could Rekkles actually succeed away from the orange and black?

According to the Swede, who spoke to his fans on his YouTube channel after the huge move was announced, everything will work out just fine. He and G2 are “made for each other,” in more ways than one, and that’s all that matters.

Rekkles officially joined G2 Esports earlier this month.
G2 Esports
Rekkles officially joined G2 Esports earlier this month.

“I want to be the best,” says Rekkles

“I started doing this because I wanted to be the best, and that means winning Worlds,” Rekkles explained. “G2 Esports, and the roster, has a very similar mindset. In that way, we’re made for each other; the team really wants to win Worlds.”

Between Rekkles and his new org, they have each contested ⁠— and lost ⁠— a Worlds final recently. Fnatic was battered by Invictus Gaming in 2018’s decider, then watched from the sidelines a year later as G2 suffered the same fate against FPX.

The losses were rough, Rekkles agrees, but they’ve given him something else too: hope that the LEC can repeat their long-forgotten 2011 feats, and claim the Summoner’s Cup.

“Ever since 2018, I believe that it’s possible… so it lines up nicely with how G2 feels about it all as well,” he said. “I’ve realized I have a lot more to give than being a participation guy, that goes to every event and every Worlds, but never wins.”

G2's newest signing has suffered plenty of defeats at Worlds in his career.
Riot Games
The Swede has come close to Worlds triumph multiple times, but never got over the line.

G2’s new star worried about “being serious”

There is one thing worrying Rekkles though. He’s always been a driven, emotional player, and some of his most iconic moments, for better or worse, have come with passion and tears.

G2, and the roster stacked full of jokers like Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski, Caps, and Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen, have built a name as Europe’s pranksters. They sing in champ select, play strange comps, and have ‘happy games.’

“Obviously there’s a little bit of worry in terms of how we fit in socially with the team or culturally,” the Swede admitted with a straight face. “When it comes to games I know we’re gonna be fine, but I am worried about being a more serious guy.”

“I’m maybe not the leader you’d expect… I’m not Perkz,” he added.

The related segment begins at 8:42 in the video below.

Of course, that didn’t dissuade him from trading orange for black and white heading into the new LEC season. Rekkles believes he’s made the right decision, absolutely no question.

“I have this dream of being a player everyone remembers when they look back through time… so I always try to make choices based off that,” he said.

“I [did this] because I believe it will give me the highest chance of succeeding. It wasn’t to do with money. I have always sought victory. I want to play for a team with the highest chances of doing damage at Worlds. Right now, that’s G2.”