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League community wants rework for “despicable” champs Yi and Tryndamere

Published: 8/Mar/2020 1:54

by Alan Bernal


The League of Legends community is sounding off to get Master Yi and Tryndamere onto Riot’s rework schedule – which some players think might be overdue.

Both of the champs are considered highly dangerous because of their potential to explode an early game advantage into becoming nearly unstoppable. Reddit user ‘colkcolkcolk’ called them “the definition of stat check,” and the community largely agreed.

At the moment, Riot Games are well into their visual and gameplay updates (VGUs) for Volibear and Fiddlesticks, but some people want to see the two swordsmen bumped on the dev’s priority list of reworks, instead.


Riot Games
Master Yi can ‘1v9’ a match if they can take advantage of an early lead.

“I don’t think I need to explain how these champs are stat checked,” colkcolkcolk said, explaining how Yi and Trynd can run down an opponent for simply having stronger stats. “Like I’m sure you know that Nimbus Cloak procs on Ignite, meaning you can get run down stat checked without a Flash committal from Tryndamere.”

They urged Riot to add the two champs to the list of reworks, noting how Master Yi is the 18th most banned champ and Tryndamere at 68th, according to colkcolkcolk using stats from Champion.gg at the time of their post.

Meanwhile, Fiddlesticks and Volibear are 141th and 188th, respectively. (Note: rankings are based on champions in different roles. There are currently 148 champions in LoL since Sett was released on January 14, 2020.)


Riot Games
Fiddlesticks is going to get a lot more terrifying after its VGU in League of Legends.

But some people find that their problems stem from their overall character design.

“I will say both those champions are pretty despicable,” user ‘Owt2getcha’ said. “From a design standpoint they are both pretty one dimensional which is something Riot looks at when reworking champions.”

The two characters are a menace in solo queue, with some players seeing games against Yi as a “timer” for bad things to happen.

Riot Games
Tryndamere’s Ultimate has been a long point of contention with the LoL community.

“To me, Master Yi is a timer,” user ‘brodie319’ said. “Can my team finish the game before Master Yi becomes a machine of death that stalls your game and then rolls over you? The better the Yi or the earlier he gets ahead, the faster the timer until, I assume, he will be mowing through towers and players like a lawn mower through grass.”


While there were reasonable ideas being thrown around to give them a suitable rework, others weren’t so merciful, as someone joked that there are “too many champs [in League of Legends], just delete these two and move on.”

Riot Games already have their lineup for champions and reworks in 2020, and there aren’t any confirmed plans to rework longtime Rift bullies Tryndamere and Master Yi.