LCS Summer Split 2020 awards: MVP, All-Pro Team, ROTY, coaching staff

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The 2020 LCS Summer Split Awards are here to honor the most exceptional talents, orgs and staff across the league with accolades including LCS All-Pro Team, Coaching Staff of the Split, and the MVP.

The talk of the town in the Spring Split was Cloud9, as the black-and-blue side swept top honors in every category under sun. The narrative is much different just one split later, seeing as the LCS ladder has seen surprising fluctuations week-to-week.

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Team Liquid had an incredible resurgence in the Spring after losing star ADC Yiliang’ Doublelift’ Peng while bringing on former LCS caster Joshua’ Jatt’ Leesman as head coach; Cloud9 slightly stumbled from grace in comparison from split-to-split but still wrestled a 13-5 record for a second-place finish; and TSM weren’t the only team fighting for a top-three bid in the league.

Needless to say, this split was a wild reminder that anything can happen in NA, and the ballots have been cast to nominate the very best in the wild west of the LCS.

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2020 LCS Summer Split Awards

LCS All-Pro Team

1st LCS All-Pro Team
Position Player Points
Top C9 Licorice 102 Points
Jungle C9 Blaber 115 Points
Mid TSM Bjergsen 115 Points
Bot C9 Zven 104 Points
Support TL CoreJJ 137 Points


2nd LCS All-Pro Team
Position Player Points
Top 100 Ssumday 83 Points
Jungle FLY Santorin 86 Points
Mid TL Jensen 93 Points
Bot TL Tactical 78 Points
Support C9 Vulcan 85 Points


3rd LCS All-Pro Team
Position Player Points
Top TL Impact 55 Points
Jungle GG Closer 70 Points
Mid (Tie) C9 Nisqy & FLY PowerOfEvil 36 Points
Bot GG FBI 70 Points
Support FLY IgNar 35 Points

Coaching Staff of the Split


  • 1st – Team Liquid (121 Points)
  • 2nd – Cloud9 (62 Points)
  • 3rd – Golden Guardians (25 Points)

Rookie of the Year

Team Liquid Tactical LCS League of Legends Esports


  • 1st – Tactical (128 Points)
  • 2nd – Johnsun (69 Points)
  • 3rd – Treatz (52 Points)

Honda Most Valuable Player

Team Liquid player, Jo ‘CoreJJ’ Yong-in was awarded the 2020 LCS Summer Split Honda Most Valuable Player award.


  • 1st – TL CoreJJ (146 Points)
  • 2nd – TSM Bjergsen (111 Points)
  • 3rd – C9 Blaber (44 Points)

Corejj performed phenomenally during the LCS Summer Split. The LCS commended his skill through a 2-minute video highlighting the player’s supportive performance.

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