LCK pro Showmaker erupts in heated rant over LoL champ K’Sante’s powerful kit

Liam Ho
Prestige Empyrean K'Sante

LCK professional player Showmaker went on a legendary angry rant about the overloaded kit of the recently released Shuriman tank K’Sante.

League of Legends is a pretty huge game. Released back in 2009, the game has had plenty of time to introduce new characters, items, maps, and game modes to the ever-growing title. Since that time, the game has slowly become more and more complex, with the title being optimized to allow players to showcase their talents.

This is especially true for champion design. Some of the original champions in League of Legends have incredibly simple kits, most of them will only do a couple of things. However, that’s changed over time, with certain champions like Aphelios having five different weapons to swap to, each with their own quirks and abilities.

Another recently released champion has also become quite a problem for LoL players. The Shuriman tank K’Sante was released in October of 2022 and has proven himself as one of the strongest champs on the rift. Not only did he have insane levels of mobility, CC, and tankiness but he can exchange those stats for pure damage, allowing him to dive the backline well. His overloaded kit has resulted in a heated rant by LCK professional player Showmaker.

LCK Pro Showmaker goes on tirade about K’Sante’s overloaded kit

Showmaker, who plays mid lane for Dplus KIA erupted into a furious rant, complaining about the ridiculously extensive kit K’Sante has. The professional spectated the champion whilst listing off the various capabilities in K’Sante’s kit.

“This is K’Sante, a champion with 4,700 HP, 329 Armor, and 201 MR, has Unstoppable, a Shield, and goes over walls. Has Airborne, and the cooldown is only 1 second too. It costs 15 Mana. The W CD is even refreshed when he transforms. He has true damage on his passive. Then, when he stacks Armor and MR, he gets Ability Haste too, Ability Haste to his Q, and his spell casting speeds up. Then, he has an AD ratio, so his W… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” the player raged.

The rant has become so iconic that many turned it into a copypasta, which has since been translated into several languages including English, Korean, and Vietnamese.

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