KOI & Heretics partner with LEC for first Spanish co-streams


Co-streams are finally coming to the LEC, as the two newest orgs KOI and Heretics have made a push to allow them to broadcast the matches in Spanish.

Ever since the LCS gave permission for streamers to watch along and broadcast matches, European League of Legends fans have been clamoring for that same access.

Not only are there some extremely popular EU streamers and ex-players who would be fascinating to watch react to games live, but it would also be a boon for non-English speakers to have a way to watch the game in their native language.

With two Spanish teams – KOI and Team Heretics – entering the LEC in 2023, co-streaming is finally coming to the European league.

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KOI & Heretics push for first LEC co-streams

KOI, who merged with the reigning LEC champions Rogue and kept that winning roster mostly-intact, originally started as a team in the SuperLiga, the premiere Spanish pro LoL league. One of their fiercest competitors in SuperLiga was Team Heretics, who purchased the franchise spot previously belonging to Misfits Gaming.

These two teams represent not only a massive swing in terms of the identity of the LEC, but they also bring in the sizeable League of Legends esports fans in Spain.

Although the LEC has been simultaneously broadcast in other regions, the two teams have reportedly worked to persuade Riot to allow them to co-stream the games.

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Team Heretics LoLTwitter @TeamHeretics
Team Heretics will be spearheading the move for co-streaming.

Former Spanish commentator for SuperLiga and founder of KOI, Ibai Llanos, will spearhead the movement, streaming games on his channel. For fans of Team Heretics, they will be able to see games streamed on the team’s official Twitch channel.

Unfortunately, this deal is only in place for the winter season and group stage of the playoffs.

According to the report by Dotesports, Riot has said they “will be monitoring the roll out and success of these co-streams closely.” Provided the co-streams are successful, we’ll certainly be open to expanding the program to include more LEC team co-streams in different languages in the future.”

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This could include an expansion to French, German, and Danish, as there are already LEC teams from organizations based in those countries.