KCorp owner claims they’re “so close” to joining the LEC in 2024

KCorp LEC slotKarmine Corp

At the KCorp vs The World event, Karmine Corp owner Kameto claimed that the organization has “never been so close” to joining the LEC and that they’re in deep negotiations for a slot.

KCorp’s following is simultaneously massive and small. The French esports organization has a big enough following to rival LEC viewership with just a French broadcast. Yet, their content and fanbase is mostly French, creating a language barrier for English-speaking fans that’s hard to overcome.

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However, the KCorp vs The World event was a big day for fans of the org. It was announced that Karmine Corp are building a massive esports arena in owner Kameto’s home town to host events. That, and they’re getting ever-closer to acquiring an LEC slot. They’ve tried to pull this off in the past to no avail, but 2024 looks to be the year they join.

While there are still a lot of questions as to how getting that slot would go, Kameto claimed that they’ve “never been so close” to getting a slot in the LEC.

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KCorp likely to get an LEC spot in 2024

Content creator driven orgs are nothing new in esports at this point, and some of the most popular and successful organizations in the scene at the moment are spearheaded by creators. Moist Esports, KOI, and Disguised have all found a massive following off the back of their respective creators.

KCorp is among the largest creator-driven orgs, making themselves a massive force in the LFL and the most popular French esports organization by a wide margin.

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And, according to owner Kameto, they’re homing in on an LEC slot. While nothing is yet confirmed, it’s looking very likely that KCorp acquires a slot.

“We are in a somewhat complicated position in the sense that, at present, it is not 100% confirmed. But, I can give you my word, we have never been so close to going to the LEC,” claimed Kameto.

Whose spot would they buy out? Would they be bringing over the full KCorp roster or try to acquire some new players? If they lock in the LEC slot, KCorp’s roster would raise a lot of questions. What’s more, ADC Caliste wouldn’t be able to join due to the LEC’s age being raised to 18.

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Caliste is a young star on KCorp that many have rallied behind as a player who already seems LEC-ready. Regardless, KCorp joining the LEC would be a huge step up for both the organization and Europe’s biggest league.

And, even if the deal doesn’t go through, KCorp’s building a massive arena, anyways. Not getting the spot would be unfortunate for the organization, but it wouldn’t slow down their meteoric rise.

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