How to unlock League of Legends Pride 2022 content: Emotes, icons, and more

Riot Games pride 2022 bannerRiot Games

With international Pride Month kicking off on June 1, Riot Games have announced a collection of pride icons, emotes, and artworks across their slate of Runeterra titles to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community in style. Here’s what’ll be available in League of Legends, and how to unlock these limited-time rewards. 

Pride Month is well and truly underway. The month commemorating and celebrating LGBTQIA+ folks kicked off worldwide on June 1, and is a chance for people across the world to show their colors and celebrate their communities in style.

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This year, pride is spreading throughout Runeterra — as Riot Games have announced a slate of artwork, missions, icons, and more to commemorate Pride Month for their player base. The famous pride homeguard trails will be making a return to League of Legends, alongside new emotes, icons, and a teaser for some brand-new lore featuring Twister Fate and Graves.

What’s available for Pride 2022

Riot Games 2022 Pengu pride icons Riot Games
Players will have eight pride icons to choose from to show their pride in style.

League of Legends will be introducing a new set of Pride icons for June, featuring fan-favorite emote Pengu in front of multiple Pride flag backgrounds.

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Equipping these icons will activate pride flag homeguard trails in-game, but the trails will only be active until the end of June (although the icons can be equipped year-round).

There will also be three new emotes available to pick up. These emotes will feature everyone’s favorite mascot, the poro, along with two emotes featuring Twisted Fate and Graves, whose relationship will have a “larger narrative beat” dropping as part of the game’s lore later on in June.

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How to unlock

All League of Legends pride 2022 emotesRiot Games
All three emotes will be made available by completing in-game missions.

The Pengu icons are available for purchase in the League of Legends shop in the in-game client, for the price of one blue essence per icon.

The Twisted Fate and Graves and Rainbow Poro emotes can be unlocked by completing the Priceless Plunder mission, available in the Missions tab in the client from June 1 onwards. The mission can be completed by playing one game in a premade group, or by earning 750 points from time spent playing and winning games.

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The animated Twisted Fate emote can be unlocked by completing the Big Score mission, also available in the missions tab from June 1. This mission can be completed by earning 40,000 gold on the Summoners’ Rift, or by earning 750 points from time spent playing and winning games.

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