How JackeyLove became the heir to Uzi’s throne

Shane King
The Spirit of Uzi
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With legendary AD Carry Jian ‘Uzi’ Zi-Hao recently retiring, League of Legends has a vacancy for a new king of the bot lane and Yu ‘JackeyLove’ Wen-Bo looks to be the heir to the throne. 

There are plenty of superstar AD Carries competing at the top level of LoL, but perhaps the best candidate to fill Uzi’s sizeable shoes is Yu ‘JackeyLove’ Wen-Bo. At just 19-years-old, he already has an LPL victory and a World Championship under his belt.

JackeyLove was signed by Invictus Gaming in 2016 but he was not eligible to play in the LPL at this time due to age restrictions but he could compete in the regional NEST tournament. During this run, he managed to take down Uzi’s RNG on his way to winning the whole tournament at the age of 16.

But despite a supersonic rise after making his LPL debut in 2018, JackeyLove was cast aside once IG started to show cracks. He spent much of the 2020 Spring split without a team, but a move to TOP Esports finally got him back on the rift. Immediately, JackeyLove demonstrated what he’s capable of, helping TOP to the LPL final and to a Mid-Season Cup victory over the best of China and South Korea.

But, questions still remain. Can Jackeylove manage to carry the weight of expectation from all the Chinese fan base and follow in Uzi’s footsteps? Only time will tell.