Here are the characters we’d like to see in Arcane Season 2

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Arcane exploded onto our screens in 2021, capturing the hearts and minds of League fans and casual watchers alike. With Season 2 officially on the way, here are some characters we’d love to see appear in the show in the future. 

Arcane: a League of Legends Story, was one of the most acclaimed releases by Netflix in 2021. A tale of political intrigue and personal tragedy set against a backdrop of a city at war with itself, it brought to life some of LoL’s most beloved characters in a previously-unseen level of detail. 

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And now, with Netflix confirming that Season 2 is officially in production, fans are rife with theories about what we’ll see next from Arcane. With Season 1 ending on a terrifying cliffhanger, the possibilities for the second season are truly endless – but here are some characters from League of Legends who’d make fantastic additions to the rich worlds of Piltover and Zaun. 

Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

WarwickRiot Games
Warwick is a terrifying lycanthrope created by Singed in one of his many experiments.

From the moment we saw Vander’s disturbing transformation into a Shimmer-fueled monster in Season 1, speculation has been rife as to whether Vander will ultimately end up becoming League’s infamous Blood Hunter, Warwick. 

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In League’s lore, Warwick was originally a human – a Zaunite gangster experimented on by Singed to turn him into the hideous wolfman that he is today. We’ve already been treated to some of Singed’s unethical experiments on using Shimmer to turn humans into super soldiers. 

Who’s to say he couldn’t have picked Vander out of the rubble and taken him back to his underwater lair for further experimentation?

If we see Vander come back as an antihero or even a straight-up villain, it’ll just be one more crisis for Vi to deal with as the world quite literally falls down around her ears. Not only does she have her half-crazed, government-destroying sister to contend with, but she’ll also have her adoptive father-turned werewolf to hunt down. 

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Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress

Riot Games
Seraphine would make a colorful addition to the world of Arcane.

Unlike Warwick, Seraphine’s a character that’s not even been hinted at so far in the world of Arcane. A relatively new addition to League’s roster, her lore explains that she was born in Piltover to Zaunite parents – which could make her the perfect way to explore the power struggles and fraught dynamics between the newly-separated cities. 

We’ve seen just how incredible Fortiche’s animation can be from Season 1 of Arcane (c’mon, we all know the Jinx/Ekko fight was one of the best moments of the series), and Seraphine offers an opportunity to bring a whole new aesthetic to the series. 

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Seraphine could be a breath of fresh air in the grim, dark world of Zaun – and a chance to explore the perspective of an outsider in greater detail in Piltover. And with the incredible soundtrack that we were treated to for Season 1, there’s always room for one more performer in Arcane’s roster. 

Camille, the Steel Shadow

Riot Games
While not technically a part of the Piltover Enforcers, Camille is a terrifying facet of law enforcement in Piltover.

After Jinx’s attack on the Piltover high council, it’s likely that the Piltover Enforcers will be working overtime in Season 2 to clear up the fallout of Silco’s death and the wreckage of their government. 

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So who better to bring into the world of Arcane than Camille, the Steel Shadow and secret weapon of one of the most elite and dangerous clans in Piltover? Although not an enforcer herself, she’s one of the most single-minded and dangerous intelligence-gatherers in all of Piltover. 

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Half woman, half-machine, Camille Farros is the sole daughter of the Farros clan, a wealthy Piltover family who trade in Brackern crystals – the crystals on which Seraphine’s family spent their life’s savings in order to dampen her telepathic magic. The family’s artificer fused her human body with hextech technology, ultimately replacing her heart with a hextech crystal to make her the most formidable being in Piltover. 

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Her story has fascinating parallels with Viktor’s journey in Arcane – she is what he so desperately longs to be, a perfect creature that fuses Hextech and human flesh. And her skill as a tracker could make her the perfect external contractor to hunt Jinx down alongside the Piltover enforcers. 

Urgot, the Dreadnought

Riot Games
One of the most terrifying characters in League’s champion roster, Urgot could bring a whole new level of chaos for Season 2 of Arcane.

If you need a new, terrifying threat for Season 2, then look no further than Urgot, the Dreadnought. 

He’s objectively one of the most terrifying characters in the wider world of Runeterra. Originally born in Noxus, he was betrayed by the Noxian general Swain, and sent to Zaun unter the pretense of eliminating a conspiracy against noxus. 

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There, he was captured and brutally tortured by the Chem Barons – and although many of the chem barons were killed by Silco, it would be impossible to run Zaun without them, and it’s safe to assume that more will rise up to take the place of their predecessors after Silco’s death leaves a power vaccum at the top of the Zaunite food chain. 

Fusing his body with machine parts to become the ultimate living weapon, he is a freedom fighter who looks to free Zaun from the grip of the Chem Barons and exact his revenge on Piltover for the subjugation of the undercity. 

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This also wouldn’t be his first time appearing on-screen alongside Vi and Caitlyn. The dynamic duo work together to take him down in the 2020 Warriors cinematic – who’s to say they couldn’t do the same in Arcane? 

Swain, the Noxian Grand General

Riot Games
The Grand General of Noxus’s inclusion in Season 2 could help open up Arcane’s story into the wider world of Runeterra.

We need more Noxus! Chances are, especially if Mel ends up dying, we’ll be seeing more Noxian involvement as her mother looks for revenge – as the ruler of Noxus, Swain would be a terrifying addition to the series. 

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We’ve also seen hints at his presence before with the ravens that fly around Noxus in Season 1. They’re a constant subtle reminder of the overbearing presence of the Noxian empire in Runeterra, and there’s no way we don’t see that presence capitalized on in Season 2.

And, conveniently, Swain’s involvement would be the perfect way to introduce Urgot to the world of Arcane. Noxus is one of the scariest and most ruthless forces in Runeterra, and the destabilization of the Piltover high council after Jinx’s attack could be the perfect moment for Swain to sweep in and try his hand at a little empire expansion.

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