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G2 Esports League of Legends star Perkz hints at massive change coming in his future

Published: 28/Nov/2018 12:15 Updated: 28/Nov/2018 12:24

by Joe O'Brien


G2 Esports’ star mid-laner Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković has revealed that he’s set for a major career change.

One of the top-performing mid-laners in the EU LCS for the last three years, Perkz seems to have confirmed a rather stunning report about his future.

As the off-season progresses, not only are more and more teams confirming parts or all of their rosters, but some players are beginning to realize that they won’t be able to find a spot in the league of their choice.

One of the latest players to make an announcement about their future is Perkz, who made a rather specific claim about his future.


In a recent tweet, Perkz stated that he won’t be appearing as a starting mid-laner in the newly-rebranded LEC.

For a player of Perkz’ caliber, fans might have reacted with horror to such an omission, but fortunately his new destination has already been revealed.

A report by ESPN shortly after the off-season officially kicked off on November 19 revealed that G2 were set to acquire Fnatic mid-laner Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther, and that Perkz would instead be role-swapping to the AD Carry position.

Caps’ departure from Fnatic has since been officially confirmed, and his addition to G2 leaked by the Fnatic owner himself, but Perkz’ tweet seemingly corroborates an upcoming role-swap. The move would see the top two EU mid-laners of recent years playing side-by-side in the same squad, albeit at different positions.


G2 Esports have yet to officially confirm any changes to their roster for the coming season.