Fnatic bench Rekkles after he announced role swap from ADC to support

Rekkles role swap adc to support fnaticRekkles | Twitter

Rekkles has been one of the most recognizable and accomplished ADC players since the beginning of LoL’s competitive history, but now he’s making a change and swapping to support.

Though Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson hasn’t had the best of luck in the past few years when it comes to staying at the top level of competition, his history as an innovator in the ADC role and his legacy during some of Fnatic’s best seasons in LEC and EU LCS competition had this player at the forefront.

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However, his return to Fnatic has been anything but triumphant. Their ninth-place Winter finish was technically topped by their eighth-place finish in Spring, but it’s clear the team needs to change something if they want to have a chance at adding more LEC titles to their trophy cabinet.

So, Rekkles has opted to role swap to support. He won’t even be starting on Fnatic in the Summer Split, and it’s yet unclear how it’ll affect Rekkles’ career or who Fnatic’s starting ADC will be.

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Rekkles announces surprise role swap to Support

Tenured pro players making the swap to the support role is nothing new. While mechanically gifted players like T1’s Keria have shown how much a player with a high level of mechanical prowess can bring to the role, that’s the exception rather than the rule.

Typically, having a player like Rekkles, who’s been competing for over a decade at this point, in the support role can really help with getting a team organized and getting their comms on point.

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Rekkles himself commented that he feels like he’s just been “treading water” and that he’s been “trying really hard but not getting anywhere” in the ADC role. So, he’s making a swap to support.

He pointed out in his brief announcement that he’d have a lot of learning to do when it comes to playing champions in the role at the highest level, but he also believes that this is the best step forward in his career.

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What’s more, he won’t even be starting on Fnatic for the Summer Split. It’s yet unclear whether he’s going to stick with Fnatic or if he’s going to explore opportunities and join another team.

Either way, this announcement has shocked the League of Legends community and longtime fans of the player. However, after Fnatic’s lackluster finishes in 2023, it isn’t surprising that he’s looking for something new.

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