FlyQuest LCS coach suspended as grooming allegations surface

Carver Fisher

FlyQuest LCS coach Richard has been put on administrative leave following a report from Sheep Esports that he was flirting with minors under a different alias.

Following a report from Sheep Esports, one that Sander ‘LCS Eevee’ Hove claims he reached out to FlyQuest about before publishing, strategic coach Richard ‘Richard’ Su has been put on leave by the org as they investigate claims he used an alias as a 13-14 year old boy to flirt with minors.

FlyQuest’s response was almost immediate, with them choosing to put the coach on “administrative leave” while they conduct an investigation:

“Earlier today, FlyQuest was notified about allegations surrounding a member of our League of Legends coaching staff.” they explained. “These accusations surround behavior before the individual became a member of the FlyQuest coaching staff, but we take such accusations very seriously.”

One of the sources who contacted Sheep Esports claimed that Richard was flirting with a 17 year old when he was 24/25, but pretending to be young German boy aged around 13 or 14. This incident took place in 2020 by their account.

Richard has been coaching in NA since late 2019, with him being a member of FlyQuest since late 2020. The report alleges that Richard was well-known for this kind of behavior when he was a pro player in Australia.

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