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First look at LoL’s next Prestige skin Nightbringer Lee Sin revealed

Published: 25/Nov/2019 23:38 Updated: 25/Nov/2019 23:40

by Isaac McIntyre


Lee Sin looks set to become the next League of Legends champion with a Prestige skin after Riot Games revealed in-game teasers for his Nightbringer line and the blinged-up premium version of the upcoming release.

The Blind Monk’s premium skin comes amid the return of the Dawnbringer vs. Nightbringer event, which initially pitted Riven against Yasuo in one of LoL’s much-loved VS. Events, where players chose a side and battled for supremacy.

This time around, the head-to-head event brings a whole cast of characters to play, including Karma and Nidalee for the side of the Dawnbringers, and Vladimir and of course, Lee Sin under the Nightbringer banners.

Riot GamesLee Sin looks set to receive his first Prestige skin alongside his Nightbringer release.

Soraka also joins the elite group of champions who boast dual skins, with Starchild in line to boast both Dawnbringer and Nightbringer releases. Blitzcrank (Paragon & Rogue skins) and Leona (Solar & Lunar Eclipse skins) also have dual skins.

The teaser was first announced on November 25 and showed off the six new skins, as well as Lee Sin’s premium version, which came complete with the usual Prestige color palette swap, and a host of gold and silver trim across the model.

The VS. event skins themselves are relatively close to Yasuo and Riven’s June 2017 releases, which have now become mainstays in the wheelhouses of players who play a lot of the bruiser champions.

Light blues and whites adorn the Dawnbringer’s new costumes, with Soraka especially glowing with her wings and halo, while Nidalee’s infamous spear stands out as a particularly bright part of her yellow-stained skin.

Riot GamesDawnbringer Karma (1350 RP).
Riot GamesDawnbringer Nidalee, human form (1350 RP).
Riot GamesDawnbringer Nidalee, beast form (1350 RP).
Riot GamesDawnbringer Soraka (1820 RP).

On the other side, Vladimir and Lee Sin both boast dark red washes over their new versions, with the Crimson Reaper’s iconic blood-ball that he carries around in the palm of his hand now looking more like a cosmic energy source than bodily fluids.

Soraka’s Nightbringer outfit also seems quite similar to her Dawnbringer release, except styled red and black instead of blue and white. The significant differences are her halo, which appears to be different in each version, and the energy contained in her staff.

Riot GamesNightbringer Vladimir (1350 RP).
Riot GamesNightbringer Lee Sin (1350 RP).
Riot GamesNightbringer Soraka (1820 RP).

The Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skins will be added to the game in impending Patch 9.24, but they won’t be the only themed set on the way either.

Alongside the gritty VS. Skins, Braum, Ziggs, Zilean, and Evelynn, will be bringing a new bubblegum skin line, Sugar Rush, to League of Legends.

These pink-and-purple skins evoke candy and sweets — as it says right in the name — with Braum and Ziggs wielding cupcakes, while Zilean’s hair appears to be made of ice cream. Evelynn also seems to have joined the sugary fun, with her weapons now chocolate-dipped strawberries.

A new Hextech skin, earned through the game’s gemstone currency, will also be added in 9.24, with Swain, the latest recipient of the rare costume change.

Most of the skins released for Patch 9.24 are expected to initially drop at the now-regular 1350 RP price point, while Soraka’s two skins will both be 1820 RP. Lee Sin’s premium Prestige Edition will be 2000 event tokens at launch.

If you want to throw on the new character-changes before they hit the live servers in the next patch, they will be available on the Public Beta Environment ahead of their official launch on Wednesday, December 11.

League of Legends

What Mythic items should junglers buy in League of Legends Season 11?

Published: 19/Nov/2020 7:53

by Andrew Amos


The jungle has had a shake-up in League Season 11 yet again. The item rework means no more jungle items, but a whole load of Mythics to choose from. We’ve got the lowdown on the best items for your jungler right here.

The League of Legends item rework is here in Season 11. The shop looks drastically different, no matter if you’re a new player, old player, or a veteran returning for the first time in a while.

The biggest change in the jungle is two things: jungle items are gone for the most part, being replaced with cheap starter items you have temporarily until you smite enough camps. The second is the Mythic system, which boasts ultra-powerful items you want to buy first.

There’s plenty of different jungle styles, which means finding the right Mythic can be a bit complicated. If you’re confused, or looking to really optimize your build, we’ve got the lowdown right here on the best Mythics to pick up on junglers in League Season 11.

Sunfire Aegis

Sunfire Aegis in League of Legends Season 11

Look, tank junglers are back in fashion. The Season 11 item update has heavily buffed the utility junglers who look to hold back foes, rather than the carry junglers we got accustomed to in Season 10. A big proponent of that meta change is the new Sunfire Aegis.

First it was just an aura. Then there was the CC “explosion” added in Season 10. Now, all of your basic attacks will burn. Sunfire Aegis sets tank champions’ auto attacks alight when at max Immolate stacks, which is pretty easy to hit in a fight.

There’s also bonus scaling against monsters in the jungle ⁠— 200% is not something to scoff at ⁠— which makes tank junglers’ clears some of the fastest in the game with Sunfire Aegis. If you’re going down the tank path on any jungler, Sunfire Aegis is a must-pick.


  • Sejuani
  • Zac
  • Amumu
  • Jarvan IV
  • Any other tank jungler

When to buy: If you are even considering going a tank build on any jungler ⁠— not just the ones listed above ⁠— you need Sunfire Aegis to make sure your clear is up-to-par.

Duskblade of Draktharr

Duskblade of Draktharr in League of Legends Season 11

We’ve spoken extensively about the powers of Eclipse in our other Mythic guides, but in the jungle, Duskblade of Draktharr shines as the must-have lethality item.

The slow on Duskblade makes executing ganks so much easier. Not only that, but if there’s a teamfight in the river or on an invade, you can get the reset. The ability haste also makes some champions’ clears, like Kha’Zix, Kayn, and Rengar, just that little bit faster.

Duskblade, in combination with Youmuu’s Ghostblade, is the go-to lethality item combination for junglers in Season 11. It has big teamfight and 1v1 potential, and the Nightstalker passive is just too good to look past.


  • Kha’Zix
  • Kayn
  • Shaco
  • Rengar
  • Most assassin junglers

When to buy: If your goal in fights is to one shot the enemy backline and get out safely, there’s no better item than Duskblade for that.

Trinity Force

Trinity Force in League of Legends Season 11

Trinity Force has always been a pretty staple jungle item for a few junglers in particular: Hecarim, Vi, Jax, and Xin Zhao. In Season 11, that’s not changing. Trinity Force is still the way to go on these champions who can use Spellblade effectively.

Although Sheen doesn’t grant mana anymore, picking it up early is a surefire way to clear up your speed while spamming your abilities. The rest of the components are also very handy ⁠— Kindlegem gives some much needed Ability Haste, while Hearthbound Axe has both attack speed and movement speed for sticking power.

The attack speed mythic passive is also very powerful on these champions, given they rely heavily on auto attacks to get through a fight. However, there’s also room to pick up Trinity Force on other junglers if you see yourself dueling a lot in the early game.


  • Hecarim
  • Vi
  • Jax
  • Xin Zhao

When to buy: Trinity Force is a good aggressive option for trading junglers who weave auto attacks in between their abilities. It’s a bit of a build-a-bear, but each stat it gives is super handy in the late game.

Night Harvester

Night Harvester in League of Legends Season 11

We spoke about tank junglers being the big winner of the Season 11 item rework. Well, AP junglers are probably the big losers. However, there is hope for them in Night Harvester.

While it’s classified as an AP assassin item for the most part, it actually works splendidly on most AP junglers. The extra health on the item makes it a lot less risky to clear the jungle ⁠— you know you’ll make it out alive. Also, the extra movement speed for attacking a champion makes ganks quite easy to execute, even without crowd control.

It does feel like a compromise, given there is no clear identity for AP junglers right now. There’s no real perfect go-to item for them like Sunfire Aegis for tanks, or Eclipse for duelists. However, Night Harvester still goes alright if you do go down this path.


  • Elise
  • Nidalee
  • Shyvana
  • Evelynn
  • Most other AP junglers

When to buy: If you play an AP jungler, Night Harvester is pretty much your only option right now.

Other options

Goredrinker (Lee Sin, Olaf): Goredrinker is a very strong bruiser item, but only two junglers can use it effectively. The Goredrinker passive of bonus AD synergises amazingly with Olaf’s passive, while the active is helpful for clearing big camps like Raptors.

Eclipse (Graves, Nocturne): Eclipse doesn’t get a mention in the must-buys, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at. It’s the perfect item for early game duelists who want to invade and take 1v1 fights, and can help snowball your own lead better than Duskblade.

Turbo Chemtank (Skarner): Turbo Chemtank was made with one champion in mind: Skarner. It’s basically the old Righteous Glory, but with Immolate added on top to help with clears.

Battlecast Alpha Skarner in League of Legends
Riot Games
The new Turbo Chemtank is an item built for Skarner, but you can grab it on other engage junglers.

Luden’s Tempest (Lillia): If you don’t want to take Night Harvester on AP junglers, you can take Luden’s Tempest. It’s very effective on picks like Lillia, but you do lose a lot of your survivability without the bonus health.

Prowler’s Claw (Rek’Sai): Prowler’s Claw is often overlooked for the other lethality items, but it’s very effective for getting on top of an enemy and one-shotting them. That’s what Rek’Sai does best, making it her perfect item.

Kraken Slayer (Master Yi, Kindred, other AA-based junglers): Kraken Slayer isn’t ultra powerful right now, but it’s a must-have for on-hit and crit based junglers. If you take Guinsoo’s, you can get a lot of effectiveness out of its tank shredding ability.