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First look at League of Legends Volibear rework teaser – trailer, more

Published: 7/May/2020 22:04

by Alan Bernal


The next League of Legends character rework is fast approaching, and the community just got their first look for the new visual and gameplay update (VGU) to the Thunder’s Roar.

Initially, a since-deleted post showed off a full splash art as well as a brief teaser telling fans when they could expect to catch a livestream reveal for him. This will be a VGU that’s been a long time coming for the character who made their debut in November 2011.

After months of developer updates, teasers, and the like, Volibear mains will finally know what they’re in for when the new-age champion takes to the Rift.


Riot Games
The League community have been waiting for the VGU Volibear release for some time.

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As far as appearances go, Tibers might not be the only frightening bear on the Rift anymore. The splash art for post-VGU Voli showed him as a different kind of menacing – more powerful and god-like as opposed to Fiddlesticks’ horrifying one.

This version of him makes the Thunder’s Roar look like an ancient god who’s been awoken to lay some hurt on a solo-roaming ADC.

The original splash art for Voli didn’t give him much presence as a diety. It was a bear that could command lightning, but there wasn’t any sort of magnificence to it.


Riot Games
The full splash art for the next League of Legends VGU champ, Volibear.

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Subsequent splashes made up for it in some capacity but art for alternative skins made the bear look more feral with a splash of other-worldly powers, than anything else. But now, the name “Thunder’s Roar” doesn’t quite capture the imminent and present danger this Volibear would impose if they came out of a river bush.

The full reveal of the VGU will be on Friday, May 8 at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET / 4 AM BST. The global reveal will be featured on the League of Legends official YouTube page.

Nothing has been announced, but Riot is expected to reveal the official release date for Volibear’s VGU.


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The next update for League of Legends will be the 10.10 patch on May 13.

Whether or not it’s coming as soon as the next patch remains to be seen, but fans are excited to see how the devs decided to revamp the longtime League of Legends champ.